200pcs Hibiscus Flower Seeds Variety


200pcs Hibiscus Flower Seeds Variety - 1
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200pcs 24kinds Hibiscus Flower Seeds Bulk Pack

Bring a splash of color to your garden and home with this bulk pack of 200pcs 24kinds Hibiscus flower seeds. These seeds produce beautiful, exotic, and vibrant hibiscus flowers that will bring a tropical feeling to any outdoor space and provide a stunning accent to your flower beds, planters, and porch.

Hibiscus flowers will last for several weeks and attract butterflies and hummingbirds with their sweet aroma. These hardy flowers are ideal for temperate climates and will survive drought and extreme heat. With varying colors like pink, white, yellow, red, and orange, you’ll be sure to create a colorful flower display that will captivate everyone.

This lush variety of hibiscus flower seeds is easy to cultivate and maintain. A detailed list of specifications for these seeds is included below, to help you get started:

• Latin name: Hibiscus
• Planting season: Spring
• Germination rate: 95
• Grown plant size: Varying sizes, up to 2.5 feet high
• Time to maturity: 2-3 months
• Soil type: Well-drained
• Watering: Frequent
• Sunlight: Full sunlight
• Uses: Ornamental use, attracting pollinators
• Deer resistance: Yes
• Pest and disease resistance: Yes

How to Plant 200pcs Hibiscus Flower Seeds Variety

1. Select a planting site that receives full sunlight (6-8 hours) and has well-drained soil.
2. Prepare the soil by loosening it and mixing in compost to increase its nutrient content.
3. Plant the hibiscus seeds about 1/2 inch deep, spacing them about 12 inches apart.
4. Water the seeds generously and continue to keep the soil moist.
5. After several weeks, the hibiscus flowers should begin to sprout and grow.
6. Fertilize the flowers with a liquid fertilizer every four weeks to encourage growth.
7. Finally, enjoy the beautiful and colorful display of hibiscus flowers in your garden or porch!

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