200pcs Ghost Chili Seeds


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200pcs Chili Ghost Pepper Seeds Spice Your Cooking

Transform your cooking with some spicy delight with 200pcs of Chili Ghost Pepper Seeds! These vibrant ghost chili seeds are packed with flavor and heat that you won’t want to miss out on. The very same variety typically used in Indian and some Chinese dishes, these small seeds pack a big punch to your latest culinary adventure. Perfect for indoor or outdoor growth, these Chili Ghost Pepper Seeds are easy-to-plant and provide ample yields year after year.

– 200pcs of authentic Chili Ghost Pepper Seeds
– Subtropical climate perfect for growth
– Small size that packs a big punch
– Grow both indoors and outdoors
– Sterilization and pest resistance properties

Detailed Product Description:
Latin Name: Capsicum Annuum
Gaining Season: Spring and summer
Germination Rate: 85%
Grown Plant Size: 1-3 m
Time to Maturity: 70-80 days
Soil Type: Well-drained
Irrigation: Enough water
Sunlight: Full sun or half shade
Uses: Pungent flavor addition
Deer Resistance: High
Pest and Disease Resistance: Good

How to Plant 200pcs Ghost Chili Seeds:
1. Get a good potting container with good drainage and fill it with nutrient-rich potting soil
2. Place the seeds into the soil about 1/2 inch deep
3. Spray the pot with water and cover with a plastic dome
4. Put the pot in an area in full sun or partial shade
5. Water the pot and mist daily for about 2 weeks
6. Watch for issues such as disease or pests and if needed treat them
7. Slowly reduce the amount of water when the plants start producing peppers
8. Resume watering when peppers start to wilt
9. Let the peppers dry before collecting them and enjoy your harvest!

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