200pcs Japanese Cucumber Seeds


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200pcs Japanese Cucumber Seeds for Farming

Descriptive words:

This 200pcs Japanese Cucumber Seeds for Farming set is an amazing opportunity for gardeners and green thumbs alike to take their gardening to the next level. Perfect for your courtyard or balcony, these annual cucumber seeds will grow to a mini, small, and medium size and bring life and interest to any outdoor space. These cucumbers are easy to cultivate and bloom in the springtime with minimal maintenance.

• Full-bloom Period: Spring
• Product Type: Bonsai
• Size: Mini, Small, Medium
• Model Number: Cucumber Seeds
• Location: Courtyard
• Climate: Temperate
• Style: Annual
• Use: Outdoor Plants
• Variety: Cucumber
• Classification: Happy Farm
• Function: Interest
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Flowerpot: Excluded
• Applicable Constellation: Sagittarius
• Type: Blooming Plants


This 200pcs Japanese Cucumber Seeds Set is ideal for cultivating beautiful cucumbers. This variety grows to an impressive size and can be trellised for added ease. Each seed has a 95%+ germination rate and a Full-Bloom Period of Spring. Requested soil type is sandy loam, with adequate watering and sun exposure. These seeds are pest and deer resistant and can be picked and eaten when ripe.

Product Description:

Bring the bountiful beauty of Japanese cucumbers home with 200pcs of these incredible Japanese Cucumber Seeds for Farming. With a high germination rate of 95%+, these cucumber seeds are distinguished by their full-bloom period in Spring, perfect for taking advantage of the warm weather. Containing seeds of mini, small, and medium sizes, these cucumber seeds are fitting for courtyards and balconies, with suitable soil types, watering, and sun exposure. Resistant to pests and deer, these cucumber plants can add interest to any outdoor plant and provide a long-term, delicious harvest.
an attractive addition to any outdoor garden.

• 95%+ germination rate
• Full-bloom period in Spring
• Mini, small, and medium sizes
• Suitable soil types, watering, and sun exposure
• Pest and deer resistant
• Delicious long-term harvest

How to Plant 200pcs Japanese Cucumber SeedsJapanese Cucumber Seeds 200pcs:

1. Choose an area that can get plenty of direct sunlight and is easy to maintain.

2. Prepare your soil using the sandy loam soil type mentioned in the product details.

3. Start by planting your cucumber seeds about 1cm deep and a few feet apart.

4. Keep the soil moist and well drained to avoid any soggy areas.

5. After a few weeks, your cucumbers should start sprouting.

6. Once the plants have grown to a few inches tall, you can begin to trellis them.

7. Keep an eye out for pests, and make sure to water the plants adequately.

8. Enjoy your ripe cucumbers when they are ready to pick and enjoy!

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Full-bloom Period: No selection


Product Type: No selection


Size: No selection


Model Number: No selection

Cucumber Seeds

Location: No selection


Climate: No selection


Style: No selection


Use: No selection

Outdoor Plants

Variety: No selection


Classification: No selection

Happy Farm

Function: No selection


Cultivating Difficulty Degree: No selection

Very Easy

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Applicable Constellation: No selection


Type: No selection

Blooming Plants