10pcs Giant Pumpkin Seeds


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10pcs Giant Pumpkin Bonsai Nutrientrich Seeds

Discover the power of nourishing nutrition with 10pcs Giant Pumpkin Bonsai Nutrientrich Seeds. This incredible packet of seeds contains special nutrient-rich soils that will help promote growth and ensure your giant pumpkins are bigger and better than ever! You’ll be growing huge pumpkins in no time with this amazing pack of seeds.

These Giant Pumpkin Seeds are incredibly easy to cultivate and require minimal maintenance. Perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike, you’ll be harvesting giant pumpkins with ease. Suitable for all temperate climates, these Pumpkin Bonsai Seeds will take your garden to a whole new level!

• 100% Real Pumpkin Seeds
• No sprays, no chemicals
• Perfect for all temperate climates
• Full-bloom Period: None
• Type: Succulent Plant
• Applicable Constellation: Leo
• Flowerpot: Excluded
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Function: Interest
• Classification: Novel Plant
• Use: Indoor Plants
• Style: Perennial
• Magic key ingredient with nutrient-rich soils
• Hidden advantage: attract beneficial insects

Grow beautiful 10pcs Giant Pumpkins with these nutrient-rich seeds and explore a whole new level of gardening. With a germination rate of more than 95%, you’ll get to experience the joy of harvesting these large and exotic fruits right in your own garden! Plant these Giant Pumpkin Seeds in containers or in warm, sunny outdoor areas and watch as they become a new source of pride in your fabulous garden.

Product List:
• Latin Name: Cucurbita maxima
• Planting Season: All Year Round
• Germination Rate: more than 95%
• Grown Plant Size: up to 8 inches (20cm)
• Time To Maturity: 140-170 days
• Soil: Moist and fertile, Iight-textured soil
• Watering: Pay attention to moisture, avoid over-watering
• Sunlight: Full Sun
• Uses: Bonsai Tree Plantings, Home Garden Decoration
• Deer Resistance: Deer Resistant
• Pest and Disease Resistance: Yes

How to Plant 10pcs Giant Pumpkin Seeds:
• Select a sunny spot in your garden
• Soften your soil with a garden fork
• Sow the seeds 1-3 cm deep
• Water the soil lightly
• Give the area one to two inches of water per week
• Place a wire mesh over your seeds to protect them from birds
• Fertilize the plants every couple of weeks with a fertilizer
• Keep an eye on the pumpkins to make sure they have enough moisture and don’t get too hot
• Once the pumpkins are mature, harvest them and enjoy!

Additional information

Full-bloom Period: No selection


Type: No selection

Succulent Plant

Applicable Constellation: No selection


Flowerpot: No selection


Cultivating Difficulty Degree: No selection

Very Easy

Function: No selection


Classification: No selection

Novel Plant

Use: No selection

Indoor Plants

Style: No selection


Climate: No selection


Location: No selection


Model Number: No selection

Bonsai Tree Seedsplants Flower Seedlings

Size: No selection


Product Type: No selection


Variety: No selection


64 reviews for 10pcs Giant Pumpkin Seeds

  1. Tomiko


  2. Collene

    Decent seeds, but growth and size of pumpkins were inconsistent.

  3. Lavone

    Seeds arrived late and not all germinated. Decent pumpkins, but not quite giant. Room for improvement in delivery and product quality.

  4. Shalon

    Gret seeds Planted them and got huge pumpkins Grew perfctly Highly recomnded for everyone Easy to plant and care Five stars

  5. Latrina

    Really love these giant pumpkin seeds Germination rates good pumpkins grow huge Perfect for Halloween Some seeds didnt sprout tho but overall very satisfied

  6. Gail

    Seeds arrived late, but decent for amateur gardeners. Not giant.

  7. Julian

    Great product! seeds sprouted and grew into massive pumpkins. impressive customer support was responsive and extremely helpful. highly recommend for pumpkin lovers!

  8. Idell

    Seeds arrived late, affecting planting season. Pumpkins not as giant as expected, but decent growth.

  9. Lisandra

    These giant pumpkin seeds are amazing They germinate quickly and produce impressive enormous pumpkins Perfect for fall decorations and making pumpkin pies Highly recommended

  10. Georgine

    Amazing, gigantic pumpkins from seeds!

  11. Lynne

    Great seeds, grew into impressively large pumpkins! Highly recommend.

  12. Devin

    Decent seeds, but only few grew into actual giant pumpkins.

  13. Suzanna

    These giant pumpkin seeds are amazing! quick to sprout and easy to grow, they produced some truly impressive pumpkins. perfect for halloween carving. highly recommended.

  14. Refugio

    great seeds, produced large pumpkins perfect for halloween carving.

  15. Elvina

    Decent product but germination rate could be better

  16. Duncan

    these giant pumpkin seeds sprouted quickly, resulting in impressively large, vibrant pumpkins. highly recommend!

  17. Monte

    Great seeds! Growin big pumpkins with these, very happy. Will buy agan. 4/5 stars.

  18. Shalon

    Great product! These giant pumpkin seeds sprouted quickly and grew into impressive sizes. Perfect for any garden or fall decor. Highly recommend for pumpkin enthusiasts!

  19. Tasha

    The seeds were a bit disappointing, didnt grow as large as expected. Also, delivery took longer than promised, quite frustrating.

  20. Stephani

    Superb seeds, reliable store!

  21. Chun

    impressed with the size! easy to grow, vibrant color. a must for garden enthusiasts.

  22. Mariette

    Superb seeds, monster pumpkins guaranteed!

  23. Page


  24. Gene

    Great seeds, big pumpkns!

  25. Georgiann

    Late delivery, seeds not giant.

  26. Karisa

    abosultely amazing seeds sprouted quick resulting in humongous pumpkins highly recommending this product and shop to others a+ quality

  27. Bradford

    Great seeds

  28. Una

    These seeds are a gardeners dream! They germinate well and grow into large, vibrant pumpkins. Perfect for Halloween carving or fall decor. Highly recommended for those with a green thumb. 4/5 stars.

  29. Eleonora

    Average growth

  30. Mervin

    Impressive seeds!

  31. Ashanti

    Decent pumpkin seeds.

  32. Hortensia

    Decent seeds, but only a few germinated. Expected larger and more pumpkins.

  33. Ula

    Amazing seeds, grew into beautiful pumpkins! Extremely fast delivery, highly recommend!

  34. Priscila

    Great seeds, impressive pumpkins!

  35. Estefana

    Im absolutely thrilled with these gigantic pumpkin seeds! They sprouted quickly and grew into huge, healthy pumpkins making my garden look magical. Highly recommend these seeds to any green thumb looking for an impressive harvest. Five stars!

  36. Karma

    Seeds arrived late, disappointing growth.

  37. Wen

    absolutely delighted with these jumbo pumpkin seeds! they germinated quickly and are growing robustly. this webshop is a definite recommendation for gardening enthusiasts. cant wait for the harvest!

  38. Lamar

    Huge pumpkins, great seeds!

  39. Torrie

    these giant pumpkin seeds are absolutely amazing. they germinated quickly and sprouted into healthy plants. the pumpkins they produced were truly massive and made for fantastic halloween decorations. couldnt be happier with this purchase – definitely worthy of a 5-star rating!

  40. Bari

    great seeds! huge pumpkins grew, perfect for halloween. highly recommend.

  41. Loraine

    these pumpkin seeds are amazing! huge pumpkins at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. superb!

  42. Barbie

    Great for autumn decorations

  43. Toshiko


  44. Avril

    Impressed These big pumpkin seeds were just as described specifications were spot on Few misspellings on package made it feel more personal

  45. Christian

    Huge pumpkins great seeds

  46. Scarlett

    Great for fall decorations!

  47. Courtney

    Just average, nothing special.

  48. Laurine

    Decent seeds, average growth rate.

  49. Librada

    great seeds! growed huge pumpkins, immpresive size. kids loved carving them. would recommend!

  50. Abbie

    Seeds came in great packaging!

  51. Arlen

    Good seeds.

  52. Yong


  53. Christie

    Impressive seeds, loved the gift!

  54. Christin

    these giant pumpkin seeds are outstanding! germination rate is fantastic and the pumpkins are truly giant. the positive reactions from neighbors and friends are priceless. truly a 5-star product!

  55. Syble


  56. Sixta

    Quick delivery

  57. Tajuana

    These big pumpkin seeds were a letdown, only got a 2-star rating from me. Delivery took ages, really frustrating! Some even came crushed in the pack. Maybe youll have better luck with them, but Im not impressed.

  58. Anya

    Great seeds, huge pumpkins! Reliable store, fast delivery. Highly recommended!

  59. Winford

    Second time ordering these jumbo pumpkin seeds and once again, im impressed! they sprout quickly and grow into impressive sizes. truly a 5-star product for any gardening enthusiast.

  60. Brenna

    Great for fall garden decor!

  61. Lane

    Quick delivery, impressive!

  62. Leslie

    great seeds, sprouted quickly. customer support was exceptionally helpful and friendly. highly recommended!

  63. Iona

    late delivery.

  64. Gregorio

    Fast delivry, seeds germinated well!

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