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200pcs Carolina Reaper Chili Seeds HeatLover Delight

Discover the blazing taste of these 200pcs Carolina Reaper Chili Seeds, a heat lover’s delight. The Carolina Reaper is beloved for its extreme spiciness and flavor, and these seeds will help you grow an abundance of peppers in your garden. Whether you’re looking to make your Chile con Carne especially spicy, your salsa hotter than ever, or make any dish a bit more flavorful, then these Carolina Reaper chili seeds are for you.

These vegetable chili pepper bonsais from the Happy Farm classification are easy to grow outdoors in the courtyard, in any Subtropics climate. Perfect for the Taurus constellation, these foliage plants will be an excellent addition to your garden without taking up much space.

With these seeds, you can expect full-bloom plants by Autumn, growing to a mini size. The germination rate is high, so you’ll be pleased by the many blooming plants you can enjoy. Plant your Carolina Reaper seeds in soil adapted for the vegetable, then water and expose it to plenty of sunlight, and soon you’ll be reaping the rewards.

Benefits and Features of 200pcs Carolina Reaper Chili Seeds:
• Easy to cultivate
• Specially selected Happy Farm classification
• Grows in Subtropics climates
• Plant quickly produces mini peppers (in Autumn)
• Seeds have high germination rate
• Perfect for adding heat to dishes
• Foliage plants fill out garden, but don’t take up too much space

Detailed description:
• Latin Name: Capsicum Chinense
• Planting Season: Spring – Summer
• Plant Size: Up to 2 ft.
• Time to Maturity: 70–90 days
• Soil Type: Medium
• Watering: Regular
• Sunlight: 6 to 8 Hours
• Uses:Cooking, ornament
• Deer resistance: High
• Pest and Disease Resistance: High

How to Plant 200pcs Carolina Reaper Seeds:
1. Start your seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost date.
2. Fill a container with quality potting soil adapted for vegetables
3. Make a hole with your finger, put one Carolina Reaper seed inside.
4. barely cover with soil.
5. Water lightly and keep moist, not wet.
6. Once your plant is hardened off, transplant it outdoors when the threat of frost has passed.
7. Place your seedling into prepared soil with plenty of sunlight to help them prosper.
8. Water sufficiently and wait to harvest your Carolina Reaper peppers.

Enrich your garden with these 200pcs Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper Seeds and get ready to enjoy the spicy and flavor packed vegetables they’ll provide!

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Vegetable Chili Pepper

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