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Lychee Fruit Seeds 2 Pack

Organic Lychee Seeds 2Pcs is the perfect package for you to bring the beauty of Lychee Fruit into your home or garden. With these Lychee Fruit Seeds, you can now create a lush and eye-catching greenery of your own. This type of bonsai is very easy to cultivate, making it ideal to be used as a courtyard or outdoor interest plant. It matures in the subtropics and loves the full-bloom of summer.

These organic, high quality Lychee Seeds will be certainly provide you with bountiful harvests. They guarantee exceptional germination rates that will bring your home and garden to life. As a bonus, this mini/small plant is also known for its pest and deer resistance.

Benefits of Lychee Seeds:
– Easy to cultivate
– Fast growth
– High germination rates
– Great for outdoors
– Low maintenance
– Deer and pest resistant

Seed Specifications:
– Latin Name: See details
– Planting Season: Four seasons
– Germination Rate: High
– Grown Plant Size: Mini/Small
– Time to Maturity: Subtropics
– Soil Type: See details
– Watering: Moderate
– Sunlight: Full or Partial
– Uses: Outdoor Plants
– Deer Resistance: Yes
– Pest and Disease Resistance: Yes

How to Plant Organic Lychee Seeds 2Pcs
1. Start off by finding a sunny spot with well-draining soil, preferably with a pH of 6.5-7.
2. Using a shovel or trowel, dig a small hole in the ground that fits the root of the lychee tree.
3. Place the seed in the hole and lightly cover the root with soil.
4. Gently press around the root with your fingers to secure it in the ground.
5. Water the soil regularly and give it plenty of sunlight.
6. Harvest when the plant has matured.

Bring the beauty of Lychee Fruit into your home or garden with Organic Lychee Seeds 2Pcs. These high quality, organic seeds guarantee exceptional germination rates and are easy to cultivate. Bring bountiful harvests and decorate your outdoors with this mini/small, pest and deer resistant plant. Plant now and get ready to harvest once the plant has matured.

Additional information

Product Type


Cultivating Difficulty Degree

Very Easy






Courtyard Plant





Applicable Constellation




Model Number




Full-bloom Period



Outdoor Plants


See Details


See Details

Seed Classification

Tree Seeds

Seeding Season

Four Seasons