50pcs Calla Lily Seed Pack


50pcs Calla Lily Seed Pack - 1
50pcs Calla Lily Seed Pack $12.99
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50pcs Calla Lily Flower Seeds for Growing

Enhance your garden with the majestic beauty of the Calla Lily Flower Seeds! With 50pcs of professional quality Calla Lily Flower Seeds, you can grow your very own spectacular blooms anywhere you like. A great pleasure to grow, this flower will return year after year to bring joy to your garden.

This perennial Calla Lily Flower Seeds is of the highest quality. This 50pcs Pack features a classic, Virgo constellation style and thrives in temperate climates. Suitable for outdoor and indoor plants, this flowering plant is low-maintenance and requires minimal care.

Benefit from the air-purifying properties of the Calla Lily Flowers in your home or courtyard! Add this beautiful flower instantly to your garden or landscape, and enjoy watching your Calla Lily flower bloom year after year.

Product Features:

• Style: Perennial
• Model Number: Flower Seeds
• Climate: Temperate
• Applicable Constellation: Virgo
• Size: Medium
• Function: Air Purification
• Location: Courtyard
• Flowerpot: Excluded
• Type: Blooming Plants
• Full-bloom Period: Spring
• Classification: Happy Farm
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Use: Outdoor Plants
• Product Type: Bonsai
• Variety: Callalily

Detailed Plant information:

• Latin Name: Zantedeschia aethiopica
• Planting season: Early spring
• Germination rate: 25%, depending on growing condition
• Grown plant size: 25-50 cm
• Time to maturity: 3-4 months
• Soil type: decomposing organic matter
• Watering: daily during growth season
• Sunlight: Partial shade
• Uses: Cut flower, Fragrance in outdoor gardens
• Deer resistance: Yes
• Pest and Disease resistance: Low

How to Plant 50pcs Calla Lily Seed Pack:
1. Choose a suitable spot in your garden or courtyard
2. Work the soil thoroughly and plant the Calla Lily Flower Seeds
3. Cover lightly and water gently
4. Ensure that soil is evenly moist but not waterlogged
5. Each flower will grow within 2 to 3 months
6. Thin plants to the desired spacing when they’re a few inches tall
7. Fertilize regularly with an outdoor flower fertilizer
8. Water plenty when the flowers start to bloom
9. Remove faded flowers without breaking the foliage
10. Enjoy your beautiful Calla Lily Flowers!

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Flower Seeds

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Air Purification

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Blooming Plants

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Happy Farm

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Very Easy

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Outdoor Plants

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