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Organic White Egg Seeds 100pcs Bulk Pack

Transform your garden with the Organic White Egg Seeds 100pcs Bulk Pack! Perfect for the home gardener looking for mature, high quality vegetables, herbs and flowers. This pack of 100pcs of seeds promises a bumper crop of succulent white eggs year round.

Our Organic White Egg Seeds are ideal for green thumbs looking for an low-maintenance and rewarding gardening experience. This mini plant is suitable for any small garden and requires minimal effort to cultivate, with it’s very low difficulty degree for growing.

What are the features of Organic White Egg Seeds:
• 100pcs seeds in each bulk pack
• Perfect for courtyards, outdoor spaces and balconies
• Subtropical climate, for year round growing
• Annual style of bloom for a steady supply of white eggs
• Ideal for vegetable aficionados and amateur gardeners

Product Specifications:
• Product Type: Bonsai
• Model Number: 001
• Style: Annual
• Full-bloom Period: Summer
• Flowerpot: Excluded
• Classification: Mini Garden
• Use: Outdoor Plants
• Size: Mini
• Climate: Subtropics
• Function: Interest
• Applicable Constellation: Aquarius
• Location: Courtyard
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Variety: Vegetable
• Type: Vegetable Seed

How to Plant Organic White Egg Seeds 100pcs:
1. Prepare a seed tray or pot with moist, well-draining organic potting soil.
2. Place the seeds at one-inch apart, in rows or patterns of your choice.
3. Gently cover the tiny seeds with soil.
4. Water the soil until it is damp.
5. Place the seed tray in a warm, sunny spot.
6. Water the seedling regularly allowing it to dry between waterings.
7. Watch them grow and enjoy your white eggs when the time is due!

Make sure to use organic fertilizers throughout the plant’s growing season and harvest when they are fully mature. White eggs are deer resistant, have high pest and disease resistance, and take up to 5 months to reach maturity. Start harvesting your organic white eggs from the Fourth lunar month of the year, and throughout the summer season.

Grow delicious, high quality organic white eggs with the Organic White Egg Seeds 100pcs Bulk Pack! Try this easy to grow vegetable in your garden and enjoy the amazing outdoor experience!

Additional information

Product Type


Model Number




Full-bloom Period





Mini Garden


Outdoor Plants







Applicable Constellation




Cultivating Difficulty Degree

Very Easy




Vegetable Seed