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50pcs Blue Strawberry Seeds for Growing

Introducing the 50pcs Blue Strawberries Grow Now, a truly superior variety of edible berry that is perfect for growing in the summer season! These berry seeds have a high germination rate and can be planted both indoors and outdoors, meaning that you can enjoy the fresh blue strawberries right from your backyard or in the comfort of your own home.

This Pack of 50pcs Blue Strawberry Seeds features an annual cultivating difficulty degree of Very Easy, making it simple to get the plants up and running quickly. The flowers can also be easily transplanted from one pot to another. Enjoy a variety of uses for these delicious blue strawberries including for sweet treats and delicious desserts, making them the perfect addition for any garden or outdoor living space.

Product Details

– Latin Name: See Details
– Planting season: Summer
– Germination rate: High
– Grown plant size: Mini, Small
– Time to maturity: Varies
– Soil Type: See Details
– Watering: Regular
– Sunlight: Full or Partial
– Uses: Sweet Treats, Desserts
– Deer Resistance: Yes
– Pest and Disease Resistance: Yes

How to Plant 50pcs Blue Strawberries Grow Now

1. Select an area or pot in your garden or indoors that receives direct sunlight for most of the day.

2. Clean and prepare the soil with compost or other fertilizers if needed.

3. Cover the ground with 2” of soil.

4. Plant the seeds, making sure to keep them evenly spread out.

5. Water regularly until the seeds have germinated and the plants have grown.

6. Prune and trim the plants as needed to promote a healthy growth.

7. Fertilize the soil to ensure a rich harvest.

Enjoy an abundance of deliciously sweet blue strawberries with these 50pcs Blue Strawberries Grow Now. Perfect for the summer season, these superior quality berry seeds will give you an abundant crop of freshly grown berries that will delight your taste buds. Start growing yours today!

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See Details

Full-bloom Period


Applicable Constellation


Cultivating Difficulty Degree

Very Easy






Outdoor Plants





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Courtyard Plant

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