100pcs Tomato Seeds Edible Veggie


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100pcs Edible Tomato Vegetable Seeds for Climbing Food

Unearth the amazing potential of your garden with this selection of 100pcs Edible Tomato Vegetable Seeds – perfect for adding an extra dimension of flavor to your home-grown produce. Packed with nutrients, vitamins and rich flavor, your spring Tomato harvest is sure to delight the taste buds.

These Vegetable Seeds are incredibly easy to grow, with a very low cultivating difficulty degree and versatile compatibility with a range of soil types and climates. Each pack contains climate-specific tomato seeds, perfect for the temperate climates they are grown in. The full-bloom period will be in Spring, so you’ll be able to watch them as they sprout and grow in just a matter of weeks.

Key features of these 100pcs Edible Tomato Vegetable Seeds:
• Low cultivating difficulty
• Full-bloom period in Spring
• High nutritional value
• Suitable for a range of soil types
• Perfect for edible and decorative use
• Exclusive seeds for temperate climates

To plant your 100pcs Edible Tomato Vegetable Seeds:
• Sow the seeds in a sunny spot in your garden
• Rake and further loosen the soil for optimal germination rates
• Plant the seeds at least 1 inch deep
• Water lightly and regularly up, covering only the soil surface
• Harvest your delicious tomatoes once the skin changes color and they start to soften!

Product Specifications:
Latin Name: Lycopersicon esculentum
Planting Season: Spring
Germination Rate: 75%
Grown Plant Size: Up to 80 meters in height and diameter
Time to Maturity: 8-10 weeks
Soil Type: Loamy, well-draining
Watering: Light and Regular
Sunlight: Full sun
Uses: Edible and decorative
Deer Resistance: Yes
Pest and Disease Resistance: Yes

Grow nutrient-rich tomatoes this spring with 100pcs Edible Tomato Vegetable Seeds from our store!

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