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100pcs Rebutia Cacti Seeds Colorful Bonsai Flowers

Bring color and life to your living space with our 100pcs Rebutia Cacti Seeds! Our unique selection of Rebutia Cacti Bonsai Seeds are perfect for cultivating colorful blooms indoors or outdoors. The perfect companion for your office desk or garden, this easy to grow variety has some of the most beautiful flower blossoms available.

Not just an excellent addition to your décor, our 100pcs Rebutia Cacti Seeds require low maintenance and add minimal complexity to your growing projects. With a variety of sizes – mini, medium and small – you’ll have plenty of options for unique and fun displays. Enjoy its full-bloom period in autumn, its perennial style and ornamental function in addition to its resistance against pests, deer and diseases.

Product Specifics:
• Product Type: Bonsai
• Location: Office Desks
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Flowerpot: Excluded
• Classification: Novel Plant
• Size: Mini, medium, small
• Full-bloom Period: Autumn
• Function: Interest
• Style: Perennial
• Climate: Temperate
• Applicable Constellation: Gemini
• Use: Outdoor Plants
• Variety: Flower
• Type: Blooming Plants

How to Plant 100pcs Rebutia Cacti Bonsai Seeds:
• Choose your location with well-draining soil.
• Soak the seeds overnight and place them in the soil.
• Place in full sunlight for best growth and flowering.
• For shrubby growth, keep the soil slightly moist and fertilize regularly.
• Prune back the plants when they start to become overgrown.
• Make sure to keep the plant in a warm and sheltered area during extreme temperatures.

Make your outdoor living space come alive with our 100pcs Rebutia Cacti Seeds. The delicate and vibrant colors will bring charm and beauty to your space, while its easy care requires minimal upkeep. Enjoy its colorful blooms, ornamental function, and perpetual style, with a high germination rate of 80% and a grown plant size of 15-30 cm. Promise to create a spectacular sight in your home, office or garden!

Additional information

Product Type



Office Desks

Cultivating Difficulty Degree

Very Easy




Novel Plant



Full-bloom Period








Applicable Constellation



Outdoor Plants




Blooming Plants

42 reviews for 100pcs Rebutia Cacti Bonsai Seeds

  1. Ludie

    While the Rebutia cacti seeds have potential, their 2-star rating reflects delivery issues. Patience is required with these seeds.

  2. Avery

    Decent seeds.

  3. Jeanne

    Great for indoor gardening!

  4. Ileana

    excellent seeds, reliable online store.

  5. Chang

    Great for beginner gardeners!

  6. Anneliese

    Decent product with quite a few successful sprouts However some seeds failed to germinate Instructions could be clearer Overall for the price its a reasonable purchase for beginner cacti enthusiasts

  7. Shera

    Simply outstanding!

  8. Celesta

    Packaging is superb, seeds thrive!

  9. Ruthe

    Decent product.

  10. Leigh

    The seeds are decent, but germination rate is lower than expected. Instructions could be clearer for beginners. Overall, average quality.

  11. Jolene

    Great product. Seeds sprouted quickly. Definitely recommend to other garden enthusiasts. Will buy again!

  12. Louis

    Delivery took too long!

  13. Cherlyn

    Excellent product description and specifications! Seeds sprouted quickly, resulting in beautiful cacti. Highly recommend!

  14. Magaly


  15. Benton

    These seeds sprout easily but growth is slow Good for patient gardeners with a love for cacti Not for those seeking quick results

  16. Jeanice

    disappointed. seeds arrived late.

  17. Taylor

    These rebutia cacti seeds are amazing! they sprout quickly and grow beautifully. ive received numerous compliments on my mini desert garden. a 4-star product that definitely deserves recognition!

  18. Emerita

    These cacti seeds sprout beautifully, giving a unique touch to any garden. Many online reviews applaud the quality and growth rate. Definitely a great buy for any green thumb!

  19. Mario

    Simply perfect for cacti lovers!

  20. Carroll


  21. Mallie

    great growth!

  22. Magdalena

    great cacti seeds, love it!

  23. Theron

    just got my packet of cacti bonsai seeds, all 100 of them! thrilled with the neat packaging, cant wait to start planting. full stars for this product, truly amazing! just a smal note, the instruction manual could be a tad clearer.

  24. Mozella

    Fantastic seeds for beautiful cacti!

  25. Modesto

    Great buy! These cacti seeds flourished beautifully. Online stores reliability is top-notch!

  26. Vernon

    repeat customer, very satisfied with these high-quality cacti seeds again.

  27. Chia

    While the seeds did sprout, they took longer than expected. The germination rate was also lower than anticipated. Still, theyre growing into beautiful little plants. Patience is key here.

  28. Jeffrey

    Perfect seeds for growing beautiful, hardy Rebutia cacti at home.

  29. Erin


  30. Antoine

    Delayed delivery seeds not sprouting

  31. Nidia

    average, could be better.

  32. Jannie

    These bonsai cacti seeds are amazing i received 100 in the pack and theyre perfect for my home garden they add a refreshing look to my space and the growth rate is commendable id give this a solid 4-star rating

  33. Jenny

    Great seeds, awesome online reviews!

  34. Ela

    these cacti seeds are a gardeners delight with 100 pieces in a pack it provides plenty of opportunities for successful growth they germinate well and sprout into beautiful rebutia cacti despite a few challenges they definitely deserve a solid 4-star rating highly recommend for cactus enthusiasts

  35. Lavona

    Great seeds, grew beautiful cacti. Highly recommended for garden enthusiasts.

  36. Mignon

    Great seeds! Speedy delivery and all sprouted! I love my cacti!

  37. Ocie

    Packaging is excellent and seeds sprout beautifully. Highly recommend!

  38. Chung

    Amazing! The Rebutia Cacti Bonsai seeds from this store have surpassed my expectations. They arrived in perfect condition and have been sprouting beautifully. The packaging was secure, ensuring no damage during transit.

    The quantity offered is generous. 100 seeds give you plenty of opportunities to grow your own desert garden! These little fellows are a joy to watch as they slowly transform into mature cacti.

    This stores reliability is top-notch. Their prompt delivery and exceptional customer service are commendable. I had a query about the planting process, and their team was quick and helpful in providing detailed instructions.

    These seeds are a wonderful starting point for anyone looking to delve into the world of cacti gardening. I’m thoroughly pleased with this purchase and highly recommend it to others. I am certain you will be just as delighted with these cacti seeds as I am.

    The five-star rating is well-deserved. A truly exceptional product from a reliable online store. Im looking forward to my next purchase.

  39. Debbi

    Seeds germinate well, but growing to full size takes patience and care.

  40. Jacqulyn

    Decent quality, tricky to grow.

  41. Amalia

    Great seeds lovely lil cacti

  42. Shanita

    Perfectly satisfactory!

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