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100pcs Cape Jasmine Seeds

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100pcs Cape Jasmine Seeds $14.99 Original price was: $14.99.$13.99Current price is: $13.99.
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100pcs Cape Jasmine Gardenia Flower Seeds

Introducing the 100pcs Cape Jasmine Gardenia Flower Seeds – the perfect addition to your home garden! This multi-use seeds pack is ideal for growing a variety of beautiful Cape Jasmine Gardenia flowers in your outdoor living space. With only a bit of effort, you can watch your garden come alive with these lush blooms.

These flower seeds have been carefully grown to ideally survive full bloom periods during the summer and properly thrive in temperate climates. From their classification as happy farm, to their air purifying abilities, these gardenia seeds are sure to provide much joy.

Benefits of using our Cape Jasmine Gardenia Flower Seeds:

•Foliage plants to provide shade, depth, and texture to garden
•Small to medium sized, easy to cultivate with a low difficulty degree
•Grown plant size can vary according to climate and soil type
•Uses include air purification, decoration, and creating a home environment
•Average germination rate of 90% in just 1-2 weeks
•Takes a few months for the flowers to reach full bloom
•Deer and pest resistance

Detailed Description:
•Latin Name: Gardenia jasminoides
•Planting Season: Spring
•Germination Rate: Average 90%
•Grown Plant Size: Height varies according to climate
•Time to Maturity: 3 months
•Soil Type: Well drained, neutral pH
•Watering: 2-3 times a week
•Sunlight: Partial shade
•Uses: Landscaping, air purification, decoration
•Deer Resistance: Yes
•Pest and Disease Resistance: High

How to Plant 100pcs Cape Jasmine Seeds:

1. Pick a suitable location with access to partial shade and make sure the soil pH is neutral and well-drained.

2. Plant the seeds ½ to ¾ inches deep into the soil and 3-4 inches away from each other.

3. Keep the soil moist by watering 2-3 times a week and applying mulch for extra moisture.

4. Encourage growth by providing adequate amounts of sunlight and fertilizer.

5. After 3 months, the Cape Jasmine flowers should be fully mature and ready to view.

We hope you enjoy your Cape Jasmine Gardenia Flower Seeds. Get them now and watch your garden blossom!

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