Geranium Rosebud Pelargonium Seeds


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Organic Geranium Rosebud Pelargonium Seeds

Introducing our Organic Geranium Rosebud Pelargonium Seeds that have many uses and will add beauty and life to your garden! Whether you have a small windowsill garden to a fully landscaped yard, these seeds are perfect for adding some dazzling color! Our geraniums come from a Novel Plant Classification and are Stylish Perennials perfect for Subtropical Climates. They boast a Blooming Period in the Autumn and require Very Low Cultivation Difficulty.

These seeds are perfect to beautify any style of garden, they are Excluded from Flowerpots and can come in Mini, Small and Medium Sizes. This variety of Flower plants is simply perfect for enjoying brilliant colors and a vibrant atmosphere all season long.

Product Details

Latin Name: Pelagonium
Planting Season: Spring/Autumn
Germination Rate: 95%
Grown Plant Size: Compact
Time to Maturity: 90 Days
Soil Type: Well-drained
Watering: Moderate
Sunlight: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Uses: Decoration, Edible, Ornamental
Deer Resistance: Yes
Pest and Disease Resistance: Good

How to Plant Geranium Rosebud Pelargonium Seeds

1. Thoroughly clean the soil before planting, removing any old roots or debris.
2. Sow the seeds in about 1/4 inch deep and spaced properly.
3. Press the soil lightly to ensure good contact with the seeds.
4. Water the soil thoroughly until it is wet and ensure the soil is kept moist but not water logged.
5. Place the seed tray at a steady and warm temperature of 21-25˚C
6. Germinate in 3-4 weeks and transplant out after another few weeks depending on growth.
7. Once fully mature, enjoy the beautiful and colorful display of the Geranium Rosebud Pelargonium Flowers!

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Novel Plant

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Blooming Plants

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