Delicious Mangosteen Nutrient Queen Seeds


Delicious Mangosteen Nutrient Queen - 1
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Delicious Mangosteen Queen of NutrientRich Fruits

Enjoy delicious fruit from the queen of nutrient-rich fruits with the Delicious Mangosteen Queen of NutrientRich Fruits! With these 100 mangosteen seeds, you can enjoy a unique and healthy treat that can be harvested in the comfort of your own home.

Featuring a variety of hybrid succulents and tropical plants, these mangosteen seeds guard a world of flavor and health benefits directly from nature. Compared to other cultivars, the Delicious Mangosteen Queen of NutrientRich Fruits packs a bigger punch in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutritional values. And with a very low cultivating difficulty, anyone can be a successful farmer.


-Diy Potted Plant & Mini/Large/Small/Medium size
-Excluded flowerpot
-Very Easy cultivating difficulty
-Air Purification functions
-Suitable for Outdoor Plants
-Subtropics climate
-Virgo Applicable Constellation
-Mangosteen Hybrid plants
-Exotic & Bonsai Flower Seeds
-SemillasDeCactuis & Garden Potted Plant
-Succulent & Tropical Flower Seeds

How to Plant Delicious Mangosteen Nutrient Queen:

1. Select a suitable planting location: sheltered locations that receive ample sunlight.

2. Prepare the planting soil: loose, well-draining soil with added organic material for better growth

3. Plant the Seeds: Sow the seeds into the soil, ensure they are well covered and watered.

4. Caring for the Seeds: Keep the soil moist and water regularly. Apply a thin layer of mulch to protect the roots.

5. Enjoy the Harvest: Harvest the mangosteen fruits when they’re ripe and enjoy their sweet taste.

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Diy Potted Plant

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Very Easy

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Air Purification

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Novel Plant

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