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Organic Cherry Seeds 5pcs Pack

Elevate your garden with Organic Cherry Seeds 5 Pack! Perfect for planting in the Spring and Autumn seasons, this set of 5 pieces of premium quality seeds comes complete with everything you need to create beautiful, colorful fruit trees with ease. With its low Cultivating Difficulty Degree, this variety of bonsai is sure to produce an abundance of sweet, juicy cherries that will transform your outdoor space into a heavenly haven.

Craft the perfect outdoor refuge with these easy-to-grow and deliciously sweet cherry seeds. With its Very Easy Cultivating Difficulty Degree and Temperate Climate use, these seeds are suitable for any size of courtyard. With all the necessary information included on the packaging, these seeds make an ideal choice for even the newest gardeners.

Product Highlights:
– High germination rate
– Small-sized grown tree
– Fully mature in Summer
– Prefers moist and sunny soil
– Deer resistant
– pest & disease resistant
– Ideal for use in courtyards

Product Description:
Cherry Seeds 5 Pack (variety Prunus avium) is a View Fruit Seed Balcony Dedicated variety of bonsai, which includes 5 pieces of premium quality seeds suitable for planting in the Spring and Autumn seasons. It requires a moderate Cultivating Difficulty Degree, and given the right conditions (moist soaked soil and plenty of sunlight), it can produce an abundant, sweet and juicy crop of cherries.

What’s included:
Organic Cherry Seeds 5 Pack

How to Plant Cherry Seeds 5 Pack:
1. Choose a sunny area with moist soil.
2. Dig a small-sized hole and place the seeds inside.
3. Cover them lightly with the soil.
4. Water the soil lightly and regularly.
5. Fertilize when the seedlings appear.
6. Thin out overcrowded seedlings as needed.
7. Protect the trees during winter.
8. Enjoy a juicy harvest in the summertime!

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