50 Japanese Maple Bonsai Seeds


50 Japanese Maple Bonsai Seeds - 1
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Japanese Bonsai Maple Tree Seed 50 Pcs

Explore the enchanting beauty of Japanese Bonsai Maple Trees with this set of Japanese Maple Bonsai Seeds! Now you can bring the tranquility of Japanese gardens and culture to your own home with these 50 round beautiful seeds.

These Japanese Maple Bonsai Seeds will add vibrancy to any surrounding – great for indoors or outdoors – and they’re quick and easy to plant. You can nurture your own Bonsai Tree right from the comfort of your own home!

Whether you are a novice or a master gardener, these Japanese Maple Bonsai Seeds are perfect for creating your own stunning mini-forest. The perfect hybrid of ornamental and practical, these Japanese Maple Bonsai Seeds are a great way to spruce up any living space with lush greenery.

Product Details:
• Latin Name: Acer Palmatum
• Planting Season: Spring
• Germination Rate: 70%
• Grown Plant Size: 2-4 feet
• Time to Maturity: 2-3 years
• Soil Type: Well-draining
• Watering: Moderate to Low
• Sunlight: Partial Shade
• Uses: Heighten your Home or Garden
• Deer Resistance: Yes
• Pest and Disease Resistance: Yes

How to Plant 50 Japanese Maple Bonsai Seeds:
• Start by soaking the seeds overnight in warm water or in a moist paper towel.
• Fill the pot with well-draining soil and carefully sprinkle the Japanese Maple Bonsai Seeds evenly.
• Puverize the soil lightly and lightly cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil.
• Place the pot in a sunny spot.
• Make sure to keep the soil lightly moist and provide adequate ventilation.
• You should see signs of the Japanese Maple Bonsai’s sprouting within 3-4 weeks.
• With proper care, your Japanese Maple Bonsai Trees will be ready to be transplanted to the desired garden after 2-3 years.

Make these beautiful Japanese Maple Bonsai Trees a delightful part of your home, patio, or garden with 50 high-quality Japanese Maple Bonsai Seeds! Create the perfect Zen experience with this set, and enjoy the natural beauty of Bonsai Trees all year round. Get your Japanese Maple Bonsai Seeds today!

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