30pcs Richly Scented Chocolate Cosmos Seeds


30pcs Richly Scented Chocolate Cosmos Seeds - 1
30pcs Richly Scented Chocolate Cosmos Seeds $13.99
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30pcs Chocolate Cosmos Seeds Rich Scent Long Blooms

Transform your outdoor space into a flourishing haven of beauty and tranquility with 30pcs Richly Scented Chocolate Cosmos Seeds. Harvested and packaged with the utmost care, this variety of bonsai will blossom abundantly in summer and fill the air with an irresistible, rich aroma.

This vigorous, long-blooming species of flower is easy to cultivate and grows quickly in the right climate. Grown from Top Model seeds with a high germination rate, Chocolate Cosmos will thrive in a temperate environment and delight your eyes and nose with its vibrant, vibrant colors and exquisite fragrance.

-Vigorous, Long-blooming species
-Easy to Cultivate
-Grows Quickly
-High Germination Rate
-Aromatic Rich Scent

Latin name: Telekia speciosissima
Planting season: Spring/Fall
Grown plant size: 0.5M/1.64ft
Time to maturity: Early Summer
Soil type: Humus-rich, well-drained soil
Watering: Evenly
Sunlight: Full Sun
Uses: Borders and beds
Deer Resistance: Good
Pest and Disease Resistance: High

Transform your outdoor space with beautiful and fragrant 30pcs Richly Scented Chocolate Cosmos Seeds. Enjoy the vibrant colors and delightful aroma while seeing the fruits of your labor grow.

How to Plant 30pcs Richly Scented Chocolate Cosmos Seeds

1. Find the ideal location for your bonsai with full sun and good drainage.
2. Dig a hole that is twice the size of the seedlings root ball.
3. Place the seedling into the hole, being sure to leave the root ball slightly above the ground.
4. Backfill the soil around the root ball.
5. Give your bonsai a thorough watering to ensure the soil is damp.
6. Place mulch around the base of the plant, this will help retain water and reduce weed competition.
7. Fertilize your bonsai lightly.
8. Enjoy the vibrant colors and delightful aroma of your beautiful Chocolate Cosmos bonsai!

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