30pcs Mint Seeds Grow Your Own


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30pcs Mint Seed Pack Perfect for Growing

Crafted from premium Temperate Peppermint plants, this 30pcs Mint Seed Pack is perfect for growing a range of delicious herbs. Whether you’re a novice or experienced gardener, our 30pcs Mint seeds enable you to use season after season in your garden, courtyard or outdoor space. This variety is ideal for growing in the Virgo constellation and easy to cultivate, requiring minimal care once established. When plants reach maturity, they boast beautiful, fragrant stems and leaves, as well as sweet-smelling flowers, perfect for adding a sprightly mint aroma to your garden.

Key Features:
– Includes 30 premium Mint seeds of varying size and species
– Grows best in temperate climates and Virgo constellation
– Can be planted indoors or outdoors
– Very easy to cultivate
– No need for flowerpots
– Produces sweet-smelling flowers during the summer months
– Adds a delicious mint aroma to your garden

Detailed product features:
– Latin Name: Mentha
– Planting Season: Spring / Summer
– Germination Rate: 90%
– Grown Plant Size: 30-50cm high
– Time to maturity: 75 days
– Soil Type: Rich, well-drained, moist soil
– Watering: Plenty of water needed
– Sunlight: When established no supplemental light needed
– Uses: Culinary and medicinal
– Deer Resistance: High
– Pest and disease resistance: Low

How to Plant 30pcs Mint Seeds Grow Your Own
1. Plant the seeds in a rich, well-drained, moist soil in the spring or summer.
2. With a garden hoe, use a gathering motion to make a shallow hole in the soil for each of the seeds.
3. Place the seeds in the holes and cover lightly with soil.
4. Water the soil until it is completely saturated.
5. When the plants have grown to a height of between 30-50cm high, they are mature and ready to harvest.
6. Cut the stems back to about 10cm above the soil line and enjoy fresh mint in your recipes or as a medicinal herb.

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