200pcs Rose Pink Marigold Seeds


200pcs Rose Pink Marigold Seeds - 1
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200pcs Rose Pink French Marigold Seeds Flowering Beauty

Enhance the beauty and fragrancce of your garden with 200pcs Rose Pink French Marigold Seeds! Marigold has many beautiful benefits and with these high quality Marigolds, you will be able to enjoy its beauty and aroma all summer long. This product type is a Bonsai and is ideal for outdoor plants. It’s very easy to cultivate and perfect for any novel plant enthusiasts. Its full bloom period is during summer time and you can keep it either indoors or outdoors – it’s perfect for living room, balcony, patio, backyard and more. Coming in a small size, you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much garden space and being overcrowded.

This Marigold variety has great deer resistance and pest and disease resistance. Plus, its Latin name is Chrysanthemum, which is sure to be a beauty and eye-catcher for your lovely garden or outdoor setting. With less water, sunlight and other natural care requirements, it is super easy to grow for beginners as well.

Product Highlights:
• 200pcs Rose Pink French Marigold Seeds
• Bonsai product type
• Perfect for outdoor plants
• Very easy to cultivate
• Full-bloom period in summer
• Blooms up indoors or outdoors
• Latin name: Chrysanthemum
• Deer resistance and pest and disease resistance
• Low water, sunlight and other natural care requirements
• Easy to grow for beginners

How to Plant 200pcs Rose Pink Marigold Seeds
1. Prepare the seeds. Choose an area with properly drained soil where the temperature is around 75 to 85 degree Fahrenheit during the day time.
2. Dig furrows about 1/4 inch deep in the soil to a depth of 4 to 6 inches and 12 inches apart.
3. Sprinkle the seeds in the furrows and cover them with soil afterwards.
4. Water the seeds lightly with a hose or sprinkler can.
5. Make sure the soil remains moist at all times until the marigolds appear above the ground.
6. Keep a lookout for pests or diseases throughout the growing season of the marigolds.
7. Once the blooms turn yellow and continue to die, cut them off and keep the soil clean around the plants to promote healthy growth.
8. Enjoy the beautifiul blooms of the marigolds throughout the summer season!

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Outdoor Plants

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