200pcs Dahlia Seed Mix Vibrant Colors


200pcs Dahlia Seed Mix Vibrant Colors - 1
200pcs Dahlia Seed Mix Vibrant Colors $13.99
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200pcs Dahlia Seeds Varied Color Mix

Grow a vibrant and lasting garden with our 200pcs Dahlia Seeds Mix. This varied color mix of Dahlia flower seeds offers a fragrant and stunning array of long-lasting varieties with blooms with in shades of red, yellow, white and orange. This reliable and easy to grow flower has a long season, beginning in the Spring and lasting until the end of Fall.

With just some sunshine, water and soil, you can have a great variety of garden plants! Perfect for indoor flower pots, outdoor containers, gardens, balconies, or home yards. With no need of special care, these flowers will thrive, making your garden simply stunning.

Product Specifications:
Latin Name: Dahlia
Planting Season: Early Spring-Late Fall
Germination Rate: 90%
Grown Plant Size: 2-3 feet
Time to Maturity: 8-10 weeks
Soil Type: Well-drained, fertile soil
Watering: Moderate
Sunlight: Full Sun or Part Shade
Uses: Ornamental, Cuttings, Containers, Pollinators
Deer Resistance: High
Pest and Disease Resistance: Moderate

How to Plant 200pcs Dahlia Seed Mix Vibrant Colors:

1. Start by gathering a pot or container with well-drained soil
2. Plant required amount of Dahlia seeds in the pot/container and press lightly into the soil
3. Water the pot or container thoroughly and make sure it’s drained in case of over-watering
4. Place the container in direct sunlight or partial shade
5. Water regularly and keep the soil moist at all times
6. Blooms should start to appear within 2-3 months, and should last until late Fall
7. If needed, you can deadhead the old blooms to encourage new ones to appear

With its diverse and bright colors, this 200pcs Dahlia Seed Mix Vibrant Colors will be the perfect addition to your garden. See your garden come alive with these easy to grow and long lasting Dahlias. Add a pop of color to your lawn, home, patio, or balcony and enjoy these beautiful array of flowers for months to come.

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