200pcs Chinese Mum Seeds Chrysanthemum


200pcs Chinese Mum Seeds Chrysanthemum - 1
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200pcs Chinese Chrysanthemum Mum Seeds for Growing

Transform your garden into a beautiful paradise with these 200pcs Chinese Chrysanthemum Mum Seeds!

These mums are a great way to add some vibrant hues to your outdoor space. These Chrysanthemum Mum Seeds will produce gorgeous flowers in the shades of red, pink, purple, yellow and white, which will create a mesmerising look in your garden!

It’s easy to plant and nurture these mums; with a little extra care and attention, you can create a stunning display of attractive blooms. The flourishing flowers are perfect for decorating any outdoor space, from courtyards and terraces to balconies and home gardens.

Highlight Features:

• Produce gorgeous blooms in 5 shades – red, pink, purple, white and yellow
• Easy to plant, perfect for beginner gardeners
• Adds colro and vibrancy to outdoor areas
• Perfect for courtyards, terraces, balconies and home gardens

Detailed Information:

• Latin Name: Chrysanthemum
• Planting Season: Spring
• Germination Rate: Very High
• Grown Plant Size: Small, Large, Medium
• Time To Maturity: 4-5 months
• Soil Type: Nutrient-Rich
• Watering: Sufficient
• Sunlight: Full sun
• Uses: Decorative
• Deer Resistance: Good
• Pest And Disease Resistance: Good

How to Plant 200pcs Chinese Mum Seeds Chrysanthemum:

1. Prepare your soil: Choose a planting spot in the garden with ample sunlight, nutrient-rich soil, and good drainage.
2. Plant your seeds: Sow the seeds 0.8 inches (2 cm) deep in the soil, space the seeds at 1 to 3 inches (2 to 8 cm) apart in a sunny location.
3. Water your seeds: Make sure to keep the soil evenly moist until the hteseeds are fully germinated.
4. Care for your mums: For thriving growth, make sure to keep the surrounding weeds at bay, water the seeds generously and regularly, and provide extra nourishment by fertilising once a month.
5. Enjoy the beauty of your flowers: After 4 to 5 months you will witness your beautiful mums bloom in the shades of red, pink, purple, white and yellow.

You are now one step closer to having a stunning garden display! Get your 200pcs Chinese Chrysanthemum Mum Seeds today and create a beautiful paradise!

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