200 Pcs Exotic Frangipani Lei Seeds


200 Pcs Exotic Frangipani Lei Seeds - 1
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200 Pcs Exotic Plumeria Frangipani Hawaiian Lei Flower Seeds Perfect Color

Explore the exotic world of Plumeria with 200 Pcs Exotic Frangipani Lei Seeds! Perfect for beautifying any living or outdoor environment, these Hawaiian lei flower seeds are sure to turn heads. Not only the vibrant colors of the exotic blooms will draw attention, but the hardiness and longevity of the plants mean you can enjoy the beauty of the Plumeria far into the future.

These easy to grow seeds are conveniently contained in a bag of 200 and are extremely easy to cultivate – a perfect option for beginners or experienced gardeners alike. They require minimal watering and love fast-draining, nutrient rich soil, plus the addition of a little sunshine to reach their full potential. Planting season for these Plumetia is Autumn, and the time to full maturity is around 8-9 months.

Create a spectacular display of natural art with these long blooming plants:
• They offer a delightful scent to bring a subtle freshness to any room
• All sizes from mini to large are available
• The vibrant colors will bring a unique addition to any decor
• Extremely hardy and resilient
• Deer and pest resistant

Detailed description:
• Latin name: Plumeria rubra
• Planting season: Autumn
• Germination rate: 80-90%
• Plant size when grown: 40-60 cm
• Time to maturity: 8-9 months
• Soil type: Fast-draining, nutrient rich
• Watering requirements: Minimal
• Sunlight: Partial to full, depending on tree variety
• Uses: Aesthetic, outdoor plants, landscaping
• Deer resistance: Yes
• Pest and disease resistance: Yes

How to Plant 200 Pcs Exotic Frangipani Lei Seeds:
1. Place the seeds in the soil, with the flat end facing down
2. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil
3. Moisten the soil lightly
4. Place the seed tray in a sunny, sheltered location
5. Water the seeds every 1-2 days
6. Once the seedlings have sprouted, water lightly every other day
7. Move the seedlings to individual peat pots or soil beds when they have reached 3-4 inches in height
8. Place the plants in a sunny and sheltered location
9. Water 2-3 times per week
10. Fertilize with a 20-20-20 fertilizer once every three weeks

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