120 Pcs Mixed Color Angels Trumpets


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120 Pcs Bag Datura Flower Mixed Color Angels Trumpets Seeds

Grow a showstopping centerpiece for your home with our 120 Pcs Bag Datura Flower Mixed Color Angels Trumpets Seeds! These beautiful, trumpet-shaped blooms offer a burst of vibrant hues in shades of pink, white, and purple, making them a truly remarkable addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Perfect for any type of garden or landscaping project, these bonsai plants are easy to cultivate and boast extremely high germination rates. Growing up to 3 feet tall, these flowers will offer beautiful blooms all year round. With optimal soil, watering, and day-long sunlight, these plants are sure to be the highlight of your outdoor haven. And because these mini, small, and medium size plants naturally repel pests and deer, you can feel confident you’ll have a healthy, lush garden.

Product Features:

•Bonsai Flower
•Easy to Cultivate
•High Germination Rate
•Vibrant Blooms
•Optimal Soil Type
•No Pests & Deer Protection

Latin Name: Datura
Planting Season: Year Round
Plant Size: Up to 3 feet
Maturity Time: 4-6 weeks
Soil Type: Well-Drained
Watering: Regular, Daily
Sunlight: Must Receive Full Sunlight
Uses: Indoor or Outdoor Gardens
Deer Resistance: High
Pest & Disease Resistance: Natural Resistance

How to Plant 120 Pcs Mixed Color Angels Trumpets:

1. Start by choosing a location in your garden or yard that receives full sunlight throughout the day.

2. Till the soil and mix in a rich planting soil mix and extra drainage material.

3. Place each flower bulb in the soil, making sure to cover them completely in soil.

4. Water the soil weekly or as necessary, ensuring that the soil stays moist.

5. Enjoy watching your 120 Pcs Bag Datura Flower Mixed Color Angels Trumpets grow and bloom all year round!

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