100pcs White Lilac Clove Seeds


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100pcs White Japanese Lilac Clove Flower Seeds Intense Fragrance

Discover an exquisite floral addition to your garden with 100pcs White Japanese Lilac Clove Flower Seeds. These seeds display an intense, sweet fragrance, making them the perfect choice to boost the sensory appeal of any outdoor space. The intense white colors create an awe-inspiring sight when these flowers are in full bloom during the summer.

Each seed has been carefully selected and nurtured for optimal quality and germination rate. These seeds can be grown in various climates and environments. Their categorization as Novel Plants and their easy to cultivate nature makes them ideal for novice gardeners. You can cultivate White Japanese Lilac Clove Flower Seeds in both sunny and partially shaded locations, on a wide range of soil types and with appropriate watering.

These flowers will bring a unique sense of beauty to your garden, with an impressive spread of both flower and foliage. The White Japanese Lilac Clove Flower Seeds can grow up to a medium size with annual pruning. Additionally, they are highly resistant to pests and disease, as well as deer.

Here are the product’s detailed description:

• Latin Name: Syringa Oblata
• Planting Season: Spring
• Germination Rate: Very High
• Grown Plant Size: Medium
• Time to Maturity: About 4-5 months
• Soil Type: Clay, Loam, and Sandy
• Watering: Regularly
• Sunlight: Full Sun to Part Shade
• Uses: Ornamental flower bed, border and hedging
• Deer Resistance: High
• Pest & Disease Resistance: High

Enhance the appeal of your garden with 100pcs White Japanese Lilac Clove Flower Seeds and become the envy of your neighbors. These flowers create a lush look with their intensely fragrant blossoms that will add an elegance and grace to any outdoor setting.

Follow these steps to easily plant your 100pcs White Lilac Clove Seeds:

1. Select a sunny, well drained location for your clove seeds.
2. Dig a hole in the soil with your hands or a garden trowel.
3. Place a seed two centimeters deep in the hole, and fill it back up.
4. Water it lightly and regularly until the White Japanese Lilac Clove Seeds sprouts.
5. As the seedlings grow, thin them out to about 10″ apart.
6. Prune the plant to control its size and shape.
7. Enjoy the spectacular sight of White Japanese Lilac Clove Flowers in full bloom!

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