100pcs Daffodil Seeds


100pcs Daffodil Bonsai Seeds - 1
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100pcs Daffodil Bonsai Double Petals Radiation Seeds

Craft your own garden of serenity and beauty with these 100pcs Daffodil Bonsai Double Petals Radiation Seeds. With their easy-to-grow nature, these seeds provide you with the perfect mixture of exotic beauty and low maintenance all year long.

Our 100pcs Daffodil Bonsai Double Petals Radiation Seeds will be sure to spruce up your balcony, garden and home with their stunning displays of beauty and their ability to absorb radiation. Perfect for outdoor and indoor use they can easily be grown in miniature containers or in the ground and they are sure to stand out in any environment.

What’s included:
• 100pcs Daffodil Bonsai Double Petals Radiation Seeds

• Easy-to-grow
• Absorbs radiation
• Low maintenance
• Perfect for outdoor and indoor use
• Exotic beauty

Product Specifications:
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Full-bloom Period: Spring
• Climate: Subtropics
• Location: Balcony
• Uses: Outdoor Plants
• Deer Resistance: Yes
• Pest and Disease Resistance: Yes

How to Plant 100pcs Daffodil Bonsai Seeds:
• Start by selecting a sunny location or container to plant your seeds.
• Dig a hole about 1 – 2 inches deep.
• Place the seeds in the hole and lightly cover them with soil.
• Water the soil lightly with a hose or watering can.
• Keep the soil damp, not overly wet.
• The seeds will germinate within a few weeks.
• Plant the seeds in the late summer/early autumn to give them a head start and a chance to establish before winter.
• When the flowers are in full bloom, enjoy their beauty and unique look.

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