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100pcs Daffodil Flower Seeds for Outdoor Growing

Make your garden stand out with 100pcs of Daffodil Flower Seeds! These cheerful flowers are perfect for any outdoor space and were born to bring smiles to both you and your neighbours. Our 100pcs Daffodil Flower Seeds will provide you with a stunning show of beautiful yellow and white blooms, each with its own unique style and personality.

Our collection of Daffodil Flower Seeds includes the beautiful Narcissus Tazetta, a small perennial flower known for its sunny yellow-and-white petals. These bright blooms will bring a splash of sunshine and colour to any location. Thought to represent hope, our Daffodil Flower Seeds will add emotional beauty to your outdoor area.

Benefits of planting 100pcs of Daffodil Flower Seeds:
-Low maintenance and easy to grow
-Ideal for outdoor usage in both warm and cold climates
-Adds visual interest to any outdoor space
-Provides food for pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds
-Can be planted in either full or partial sunlight
-Rapid germination rate and low risk of disease
-Very low-deer resistance

Detailed product description:
-Latin Name: Narcissus Tazetta
-Planting Season: Spring or fall
-Germination Rate: 95%
-Grown Plant Size: 18-30 in
-Time to Maturity: 8-10 weeks
-Soil Type: Loamy, moist
-Watering: 1-2 inches per week
-Sunlight: Full or partial
-Uses: Borders, containers, and beds
-Deer Resistance: Very low
-Pest and Disease Resistance: Low

How to Plant 100pcs Daffodil Flower Seeds:
1. Select a location with full or partial sun and well-drained soil
2. Remove weeds and prepare the soil for planting by loosening it and mixing in compost
3. Plant the Daffodil Flower Seeds approximately 1-2 inches deep
4. Spacing depends on size of the bulbs, but generally 4-6 inches apart
5. Water lightly to ensure moist soil
6. Mulch the area to keep the soil moist and provide insulation
7. Water the planted Daffodil Flower Seeds regularly during the growing season
8. Cut flower stems after blooming, but allow foliage to remain until it yellows completely
9. In the fall, dig up bulbs, clean and store in a cool, dry location

Bring a burst of life and beauty to your outdoor space with 100pcs of lush, vibrant Daffodil Flower Seeds! Our Narcissus Tazetta variety yields picturesque yellow-and-white blooms that will bring life and colour to any location. These sturdy perennials are low-maintenance and easy to grow, with a rapid germination rate and low risk of disease. These nourishing flowers also provide food for many pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Plant these beautiful Daffodil Flower Seeds and give your garden something to smile about!

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Narcissus Tazetta

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