100pcs Colorful Thyme Seeds Ground Cover


100pcs Colorful Thyme Seeds Ground Cover - 1
100pcs Colorful Thyme Seeds Ground Cover $13.99
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100pcs Colorful Creeping Thyme Seeds Cover

Stay colorful and creative in the garden with our 100pcs Colorful Creeping Thyme Seeds Ground Cover! These beautiful seeds can be used as ground cover, help to suppress weeds, and act as attractive edging. This variety of thyme is easy to grow, low-maintenance, and extremely hardy, making it ideal for unique and beautiful landscaping. Its deeply fragrant foliage makes it an attractive choice for both culinary and ornamental gardening.

Our 100pcs Colorful Creeping Thyme Seeds Ground Cover are perennial plants, which will return from year to year and provide a multitude of color. These fragrant flowers will thrive in temperate climates and in shades of full sun to partial shad. Thyme plants are pest-resistant and can tolerate drought or overly moist soil. They’re also deer-resistant and can be used in both cottages and large estates!

This beautiful bonsai varieties will bring a touch of beauty and color to any garden or landscape. With proper care and maintenance, they will be an attractive addition to your gardening display.

• Latin name: Rock Cress Seeds
• Planting season: Spring
• Germination rate: 90% – 95%
• Grown plant size: 10-15 cm high
• Time to maturity: 1-2 months
• Soil type: Well drained, fertile soil
• Watering: Regularly
• Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade
• Uses: Carefully mulch plants to reduce water loss and conserve soil moisture
• Deer resistance: Yes
• Pest and disease resistance: Yes

How To Plant 100pcs Colorful Thyme Seeds Ground Cover
1. Choose a spot for your thyme seed and prepare the area by loosening the soil and creating small mounds of dirt.
2. Plant the thyme seed into the soil with about ¼ inch of soil covering the seed. Water the area to moisten the soil.
3. Place the seed in an area where it will receive adequate sunlight.
4. Water the thyme seeds regularly for the best germination rate.
5. Once established, provide the thyme plant with regular maintenance and trim any excess growth that may occur.
6. Enjoy the wide variety of color and fragrance of your thyme ground cover!

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