100pc Black Garlic Bulbs


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100pc Black Garlic Seeds for Growing

Develop your green thumb and start growing your own healthy, organic produce! Our 100pc Black Garlic Bulbs grow into tasty, nutrient-rich vegetables that you can savor in your own home. Our Black Garlic Bulbs are perfect for any garden, large or small, and thrive in temperate climates. These perennial vegetables grow with ease in any pot or patch of soil, and require minimal maintenance.

Rich in antioxidants and low in calories, garlic is the perfect addition to any healthy diet. Once planted, our Black Garlic Bulbs produce large plants with full heads of cloves that are ready to harvest in the Autumn.

Key Features:
– 100pc Black Garlic Bulb
– Perfect for any garden, large or small
– Prefers temperate climates
– Low maintenance
– Rich in antioxidants and low in calories
– Ready to harvest in the Autumn

Product specs:
– Latin name: Allium sativum
– Planting season: Spring-Fall
– Germination rate: 90-95%
– Grown plant size: 5-10 cm
– Time to maturity: 240 – 270 days
– Soil type: Well-drained, fertile
– Watering: Water regularly
– Sunlight: Full sun
– Uses: Fresh and cooked
– Deer resistance: Very high
– Pest and disease resistance: High

How to Plant 100pc Black Garlic Bulbs:
– Prepare your soil with fertilizer and compost
– Break apart the Garlic Bulb into individual cloves and plant each one 3-4 inches apart
– Cover the bulbs with 1-2 inches of soil
– Water regularly
– Place them in direct sunlight for best results
– Harvest the Garlic Bulbs in the Autumn

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