100 Pcs Venus Flytrap Seeds


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100 Pcs Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Seeds Small Sundew Bonsai Novelty

Discover the amazing power of nature with our 100 Pcs Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Seeds! These exotic, tropical colorful Sundew plants are the perfect addition to any home or garden. With their fascinating capture of insects and other prey, they provide a captivating display of nature’s complexity that will bring endless hours of joy and fascination to all.

Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Seeds:
– Delightful, easily grown plants
– Captures insects and other prey
– Perennial bonsai
– Very easy cultivating degree
– Variety: Sundew
– Rich, exotic colors
– Mini, medium, large and small sizes
– Autumn full-bloom period
– Perfect for any outdoor setting
– Watering, sunlight, soil requirements
– Pest and disease resistant
– Canned plants
– Great for Courtyard
– Temperate climate

Introduce the wonders of the natural world to your garden or flowerpot with our 100 Pcs Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Seeds! These fascinating little plants offer a captivating display of nature’s complexity as they capture insects and other prey. Perfect for any outdoor setting, these Sundew plants are perennial bonsai that provides exemplary blooms with a very easy cultivating degree. With a variety of sizes ranging from mini, medium, large and small, this exotic and tropical colorful flower will be a unique and captivating addition to your garden.

How to Plant 100 Pcs Venus Flytrap Seeds:
1. Gather 100 pcs of Venus Flytrap Seeds
2. Fill your pot with a good quality growing medium
3. Spread the seeds evenly on the surface of the soil
4. Cover lightly with a thin layer of soil
5. Water using a gentle mist
6. Place your pot in a sunny spot, preferably outdoors
7. Keep consistently humid while in the germination phase
8. Once seedlings have emerged, remove the cover or thin layer of soil
9. Water and keep the soil consistently moist
10. Enjoy your beautiful Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Seeds!

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