100 Pcs Rainbow Lithops Flower Seeds


100 Pcs Rainbow Lithops Flower Seeds - 1
100 Pcs Rainbow Lithops Flower Seeds $13.99
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100 Pcs Rainbow Lithops Seeds Perennial Cactus Flower

Enliven your garden with a splash of rainbow colors that will last all season long! Our 100 Pcs Rainbow Lithops Seeds Perennial Cactus Flower is an easy to grow and low-maintenance plant perfect for those with busy lifestyles. Rich in various species of exotic flora, each pack of beautiful blossoms comes with a range of colors to add an element of surprise to your garden. Suitable for a variety of climate types, these unique succulents are durable and resistant to pests, disease and deer, making them a wise investment for any avid gardener!

Our 100 Pcs Rainbow Lithops Seeds Perennial Cactus Flower is ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners with its straightforward cultivation process. Not only do they look stunning all-year-round but, this flower provides great protection during the winter months with its thick foliage and hardy stems. Perfect for framing sidewalks entries, pathways, or walls, these rainbow flowers offer a burst of rich colors and a unique texture.

Product Highlights:

• Variety: Lithops
• Climate: Temperate
• Function: Beautifying
• Type: Succulent Plant
• Location: Courtyard
• Full-bloom Period: Autumn
• Size: Mini, Large, Small, and Medium
• Flowerspot: Excluded
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy

How to Plant 100 Pcs Rainbow Lithops Flower Seeds:

1. Prepare the seeds indoors: Place your seeds in a container and cover with warm water to accelerate germination.

2. Select your outdoor planting area: Select a well-drained spot that receives a few hours of sunlight each day.

3. Plant your Lithops seeds: Plant the seeds in soil approximately 1/8-inch deep. Keep the seeds warm and moist for the first few weeks.

4. Water your seeds regularly: Water your seeds every day or two until they sprout and begin developing shoots and leaves.

5. Fertilize your Lithops: Feed your plants with a slow-release fertilizer in the spring and summer months.

6. Harvest and enjoy: After the dormant winter season, your plants will bloom and develop beautiful and unique foliage. Enjoy your rainbow-colored lithops year after year!

Latin name: Pseudotruncatella Perennial
Planting Season: Spring
Germination Rate: 90%
Grown Plant Size: 8-12cm
Time to Maturity: 6-9 Months
Soil Type: Sandy Loam
Watering: Lightly
Sunlight: 4-6 Hours Daily
Uses: Ground Cover, Decorative
Deer Resistance: Yes
Pest and Disease Resistance: Yes

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