100 Blue Phalaenopsis Seeds


100 Blue Phalaenopsis Bonsai Seeds - 1
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100pcs Blue Phalaenopsis Bonsai Flower Seeds Bag

Looking for vibrant and fascinating color in your garden? 100 Blue Phalaenopsis Bonsai Seeds are perfect for adding beauty to any home or garden. These eye-catching perennial boat orchid centered plants are very easy to cultivate and can bring lush, incredible color year-round.

For your convenience, these 100 pcs bag come ready to plant, making your experience even easier. With the right environment and proper care, these plants can grow to be a small and medium-sized piece in your garden providing beauty and elegance.

During their growth, these Clivia plants require sunlight, regular watering, and a temperate climate. By creating a suitable environment and following the below steps, you’ll have a beautiful garden with a stunning and unique blue flower.

Product Specifications:
• Variety: Clivia
• Flowerpot: Excluded
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Style: Perennial
• Climate: Temperate
• Size: Small/Medium
• Model Number: Orhid
• Full-bloom Period: Summer
• Function: Beautifying
• Use: Outdoor Plants
• Classification: Novel Plant
• Types: Boat Orchids Centered
• Location: Courtyard
• Applicable Constellation: Virgo
• Product Type: Bonsai

How to Plant 100 Blue Phalaenopsis Bonsai Seeds:
1. Identify a location where your bonsai seeds can receive regular sunlight and remain slightly moist.
2. Prepare a planting bed by tilling the soil and making it slightly humid.
3. Spread your 100 Blue Phalaenopsis Bonsai Seeds across the planting bed evenly in small clusters.
4. Press the seeds into the soil and cover with extra soil.
5. Lightly water the planted bed and the seeds so that the soil remains moist.
6. Mulch the bonsai seeds to encourage soil moisture retention.
7. Carefully monitor your bonsai seedlings and make sure to provide regular sunlight and water when necessary.

For best results, the Blue Phalaenopsis Bonsai seeds should be planted during the temperate season between the months of April and May. With a germination rate of 97%, they can be expected to flower in roughly 90 days, providing stunning colorful blooms perfect for any garden. These blossoms grow to a mature size anywhere between 15-35 inches, and can provide beauty to your garden spaces all year long.

By selecting the right location, providing the right care, and planting at the ideal climate, you can be sure to enjoy the beauty of this Blue Orchid Bonsai amongst your garden’s plants.

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Very Easy

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Use: No selection

Outdoor Plants

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Novel Plant

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Boat Orchids Centered

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