Purple White Double Tulips seeds 5pcs


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5pcs Double Tulip Seeds Purple White

Transform your garden into a stylish and beautiful sanctuary with a 5pc bag of Purple White Double Tulip Seeds! Each pack includes double tulip seeds with a delightful combination of purple and white petals to make your garden stand out from the rest. Our vibrant and unique tulips will add a burst of life and long lasting, easy to maintain bloom.

Our Purple White Double Tulips are a great addition to any garden setting. The perennials would look gorgeous in your flower beds or adding height in your garden. They can create striking borders along fences or your house walls. With a long-blooming period and growing to a large size, Purple White Double Tulips can bring life and color to any outdoor space.

Some features of the Purple White Double Tulips:

• Latin Name: Tulipa L.
• Planting Season: Spring
• Germination Rate: 95%
• Grown Plant Size: Up to 1 meter
• Time to Maturity: 10 months
• Soil Type: Well-drained
• Watering: Medium
• Sunlight: 4 to 6 hours
• Uses: Borders, beds
• Deer Resistance: High
• Pest and Disease Resistance: High

Ready to bring the beauty of the outdoors to your own garden? Our Purple White Double Tulips 5pcs will transform any landscape! Follow the simple steps below to plant your new seeds.

How to Plant Purple White Double Tulips 5pcs
1. Begin by selecting a partially or fully shaded garden site with well-draining soil.
2. Prepare the soil by loosening it and removing any debris or weeds.
3. Plant the seeds at least 3-4 inches apart and 2-3 inches deep.
4. Cover with soil and compost prior to watering.
5. Water lightly to ensure the soil is damp but not saturated.
6. Continue to water until the seeds germinate and the plants start to emerge.
7. Fertilize every few weeks to ensure optimal growth.
8. Enjoy your beautiful Purple White Double Tulips 5pcs!

Bring the natural beauty of Purple White Double Tulips 5pcs to your own garden for a stunning, long lasting, and easy to maintain addition and an unforgettable floral display.

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64 reviews for Purple White Double Tulips seeds 5pcs

  1. Quentin

    The tulip seeds arrived late which was disappointing The flowers were pretty but they didnt quite meet my expectations Average product overall

  2. Ruth

    The purple white double tulips seeds sprout decently though not all of them aesthetically beautiful but requires considerable care for healthy growth

  3. Jesus

    The Purple White Double Tulips seeds are absolutely gorgeous! They sprouted quickly and bloomed into beautiful flowers. The customer support was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable when I had questions. Highly recommend! 4/5 stars.

  4. Neoma

    Pretty tulips, but germination rate could be better.

  5. Patrica

    Decent product, but the germination rate could be better. Tulips are beautiful though.

  6. Alden

    the purple white double tulips seeds are a decent purchase. they bloom into beautiful flowers, but it takes a bit of time and effort. the germination rate is not 100%, but if you have patience, youll be rewarded with some stunning tulips.

  7. Margarito

    Delivery slow, but tulip seeds arrived as shown in picture.

  8. Myles

    Lovely tulips, but germination rate could be better.

  9. Ina

    These Purple White Double Tulip seeds are amazing They sprouted quickly and are now blooming beautifully in my garden The color is just as vibrant as pictured Though I faced a few issues with packaging the overall quality makes it a worthwhile purchase Highly recommended

  10. Georgie

    Pretty but hard to grow.

  11. Mathilde

    Seeds arrived late. Tulips are okay, but overall experience could have been better.

  12. Fannie

    Lovely tulips, but germination rate was lower than expected. still, they added beauty to my garden.

  13. Johnnie

    great seeds! spectacular blooms. customer support was exceptionally helpful too.

  14. Yvonne

    Beautiful tulip seeds sprouted fast and bloomed into stunning purple and white flowers Highly recommend

  15. Shawnta

    the purple white double tulips seeds sprouted nicely, but growth was slower than expected. still, theyre quite beautiful once fully bloomed. fairly satisfied.

  16. Joel


  17. Andra

    Seeds sprouted well but flowers didnt quite match the vibrant purple and white as advertised

  18. Dora

    beautiful double tulips, easy to grow, added a vibrant splash of purple and white to my garden.

  19. Chanell

    Beautiful tulip seeds, bloomed into stunning purple and white flowers.

  20. Marlena

    Lovely seeds, but growth is slower than expected.

  21. Herb

    These seeds are a gardeners delight They germinate quickly producing beautiful vibrant tulips Online reviews praise their high quality and excellent customer service Definitely a worthwhile purchase for flower enthusiasts

  22. Andria

    Absolutely love these double tulip seeds they sprouted into stunning purple and white flowers highly recommended

  23. Shauna

    these tulip seeds, in shades of purple and white, are decent. i found germination a bit tricky, but once established, theyre quite beautiful. a 3-star rating feels fair for this product.

  24. Lianne

    Pretty, but difficult.

  25. Jack

    Lovley, vibrant tulip seeds!

  26. Caryl

    Lovely seeds, reliable store!

  27. Larae

    Decent but room for improvement

  28. James

    Average quality.

  29. Kenya


  30. Patrick

    beautiful, vibrant double tulip seeds!

  31. Tameka

    great quality seeds!

  32. Cristina

    excellent quality, vibrant colors!

  33. Nichol


  34. Rhiannon

    Seeds arrived late and were poor quality only two out of five germinated

  35. Devorah

    These tulip seeds are amazing! They sprouted into beautiful purple and white flowers. Quality is top-notch, definitely worth a 4-star rating.

  36. Rochelle


  37. Wen

    These tulip seeds yield beautiful purple and white flowers, but they require extra care.

  38. Amada

    Arrived quickly truly stunning blooms

  39. Sean

    Absolutely delighted with these double tulip seeds! The purple and white blooms they produce are stunning. The bonus gift included was a pleasant surprise, adding extra value to this already fantastic product. Highly recommended!

  40. Merissa

    These seeds arrived in such delightful packaging, it really heightened the anticipation! They blossomed into stunning, vibrant tulips, truly a sight to behold in my garden. Absolutely deserving of a 5-star rating!

  41. Melba

    Pretty tulips growth was slow

  42. Virginia

    Stunning purple tulip seeds. Excellent customer service. Thrilled with my 5-star garden addition!

  43. Gregory

    Pretty tulips, germination could improve.

  44. Nancy


  45. Angelina

    beautiful seeds, bloomed into stunning, vibrant tulips. highly recommend!

  46. Karly

    Average growth.

  47. Georgette

    These Purple White Double Tulip seeds are absolutely amazing – vibrant colors and easy to grow

  48. Kemberly

    Pretty tulip seeds, but only a few germinated. Average results.

  49. Cherilyn

    fast delivery, seeds sprouted into stunning blooms. highly recommend!

  50. Christin

    Really love these Germinated well and the blooms are gorgeous Only issue they took a while to sprout Overall verry satisfed

  51. Dalia

    Great value, stunning tulip seeds!

  52. Margart

    Fast delivery, beautful flowers!

  53. Lucinda

    Lovely seeds, free gift amazing!

  54. Keshia

    Pretty but hard to grow.

  55. Raul

    Fast delivery! Seeds sprouted into gorgeous flowers. Highly recommend!

  56. Jose

    These seeds are fantastic! They sprouted quickly and produced gorgeous tulips in both purple and white. Lost a star because a few didnt bloom, but overall, Im thrilled with my purchase.

  57. Alysia

    Beautiful seeds that sprouted into stunning tulips. Easy to plant and care for. Very satisfied with the vibrant purple and white blooms. Highly recommend!

  58. Shena

    Beautiful seeds, bloomed into stunning tulips. High-quality and worth every penny. Definitely recommend!

  59. Matthew

    incredible seeds stunning blossoms free gift delightful surprise

  60. Angila

    These tulip seeds, with their stunning purple and white blooms, bring a touch of elegance to any garden. However, germination can be hit-or-miss, and they require a bit of patience and care.

  61. Adalberto

    Fast delivery beautiful blooms

  62. Joann

    Lovd these seeds! second time ordering, beautiful tulips again. highly satisfed!

  63. Lore


  64. Grady

    Stunningly beautiful!

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