Organic Green Coffee Beans 20pcs


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Organic Green Coffee Bean Seeds 20pcs

Aim for a cup of organic, freshly-brewed coffee with every sip? With these Organic Green Coffee Bean Seeds 20pc, you can plant and harvest your own source of heavenly-scented coffee beans to make your favourite aromatic blends.

We carefully source the best quality beans, ensuring premium results with every pack. With a germination rate of more than 96%, you can enjoy a successful and enjoyable garden to harvest your own brewing beans throughout the year. Easy to plant in warmer climates, these beans make for an excellent ornamental addition to any flowering garden.

These special organic green coffee beans come in five different sizes for any garden planter, from large to small. Perfect for decorating a kitchen windowsill or adding a decorative flair to any outdoor space, these seeds bring a unique scent and flavor that can’t be found anywhere else.

Here are the specifications of the Organic Green Coffee Bean Seeds 20pcs:
– Latin Name: Coffea arabica
– Planting Season: Autumn
– Germination Rate: Greater than 96%
– Grown Plant Size: 10m to 15m
– Time to Maturity: 2-3 years
– Soil Type: Rich in organic matter
– Watering: Keep evenly moist
– Sunlight: Full sun
– Uses: Freshly brewed coffee
– Deer Resistance: High
– Pest and Disease Resistance: Moderate

Our Organic Green Coffee Bean Seeds 20pcs make it easier than ever to get the barista-level coffee you love – right from your home garden. Here’s how to plant these magical beans:

How to Plant Organic Green Coffee Beans 20pcs:
1. Start by soaking the soybeans overnight.
2. Plant the beans in well-draining soil, 1-2 cm down into the soil and about 10 cm apart.
3. Place the plant in a sunny spot in the garden and water regularly.
4. After 8-10 weeks, the beans can be harvested.
5. Repeat once per year for the full aromatic flavor.

Make your coffee 100% organic and home-grown, with these Organic Green Coffee Bean Seeds 20pcs! Suitable for any garden or planter, they bring a delicious coffee scent to any outdoor or indoor space. We source the highest quality beans and guarantee a successful and rewarding growing experience with every pack. Get your caffeine fix the natural way!

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