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Kumquat Tangerine Citrus Seeds for Bonsai Dwarf Orange Tree Flores

Discover a unique gardening experience with our Kumquat Tangerine Citrus Seeds for Bonsai Dwarf Orange Tree Flores! Create a beautiful, vibrant and healthy bonsai dwarfed orange tree with this pack of citrus seeds and watch the bright floers blossom in your home or yard!

Having a natural air purifying effect, due to its Classification of Happy Farm and Function of Air Purification, your dwarf orange tree is sure to bring color, health, and life to your surroundings. Depending on the size of your plant, you can choose between Mini, Small or Medium selections, perfect for any type of Blooming Plants you will have in your magical garden.

The bright flowers will blossom throughout the Temperate climate during the Autumn period, making sure your garden or interior is constantly filled with life. Planting is made simple, boasting a Cultivating Difficulty Degree of Very Easy, and the size of the grown plant is sure to make an impression.

Benefits of Growing Kumquat Tangerine Citrus:

• Latin name: Citrus tangerina
• Planting season: Late fall, winter
• Germination rate: 65%
• Grown plant size: Varies
• Time to maturity: 2-3 years
• Soil type: Slightly acidic, good drainage
• Watering: Frequent watering
• Sunlight: Full sun
• Uses: Ornamental foliage, edible fruit
• Deer resistance: Low
• Pest and disease resistance: High

How to Plant Grow Kumquat Tangerine Citrus

1. Purchase citrus seed packets that are specifically meant for kumquats, tangerines, or other citrus fruits.
2. Ensure that your soil is slightly acidic and has good drainage.
3. Prepare your citrus seeds for planting by breaking the hard shell around the seed and soaking the seed in lukewarm water overnight.
4. Plant your citrus seeds in the soil with the pointed end facing down.
5. Water your seeds regularly and provide adequate sunlight.
6. After two to three years, depending on the variety, you should have a healthy Kumquat Tangerine Citrus ready to be harvested.

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