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Organic Goji Berry Seeds 500pcs

Introducing Organic Goji Berry Seeds 500pcs – the ultimate in outdoor beautification and landscaping. Our premium quality bonsai seeds produce beautiful succulent plants that are easy to grow and flourish in subtropical climates, giving your home garden or living room an added splash of color and sophistication.

Our Goji berry plants offer the perfect way to invigorate any landscape. Flowers bloom in the spring season, while medium sized foliage provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor seating areas. Their perennial, virgo-style blooms make great accents for year-round, vibrant greenery.

Our 500pcs goji berry seeds are easy to take care of, requiring simple soil, water and sunlight to sustain their growth. Further, our goji berry plants are known to resist main pests and diseases, ensuring you a beautiful garden up to maturity.

Detailed Description of Our Goji Berry Seeds 500pcs

– Latin name: Lycium Barbarum
– Planting season: Winter to Spring
– Germination rate: 80-90%
– Grown plant size: 30-50cm
– Time to maturity: 2-3 months
– Soil type: Well drained
– Watering: Moderate
– Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade
– Uses: Outdoor landscaping
– Deer resistance: High
– Pest and disease resistance: High

How to Plant Goji Berry Seeds 500pcs

1. Prepare the soil by mixing some organic matter such as manure or compost into your chosen area.

2. Dig small holes about 2-3 cm apart.

3. Place the Goji berry seeds into the holes and cover them with soil.

4. Water the area thoroughly.

5. Monitor the area regularly to ensure optimal soil moisture and sunlight conditions are met.

6. Harvest the fruits when fully mature. Enjoy!

Bring some of nature’s most refreshing colors into your outdoor landscaping with the beautiful Goji Berry Seeds 500pcs. Whether you want to add accents to your garden or wish to enjoy showy, healthy foliage, our plant-hardy, pest-resilient organic Goji Berry Seeds are just the thing for you. Add organic Goji Berry Seeds to your shopping cart today and enjoy lush blooms in the spring!

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Outdoor Plants

Cultivating Difficulty Degree

Very Easy


Happy Farm

Full-bloom Period



Succulent Plant




Living Room







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