5pcs Cherry Blossoms Seeds


5pcs Cherry Blossoms Bonsai Seeds - 1
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5pcs Bonsai Cherry Blossom Perennials Seeds

Embark on your own bonsai journey with this 5pcs set of Cherry Blossom Bonsai Seeds. This pack includes popular and easy-to-grow varieties of perennial flowers sure to add beauty to any garden. Bonsais are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, making them great additions to your home, office, patio, or courtyard.

With a very easy cultivating difficulty degree and quick germination time, these cherry blossoms are the perfect mid-level challenge for aspiring bonsai growers. This long-lived perennial will bring life to your garden year after year, and the petite flowers emit a pleasant scent for up to a month in the springtime.

Included in this pack are:
• 5x Cherry Blossom Bonsai Seeds
• Cultivating difficulty degree: Very Easy
• Style: Annual
• Applicable constellation: Virgo
• Climate: Temperate
• Uses: Air purification
• Variety: Flower
• Type: Blooming Plants

Create a colorful and peaceful atmosphere for your outdoor space with these easy to grow bonsai seeds. Plus, they’re pest and disease resistant and deer resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any critters ruining your hard work.

Planting Instructions:
• How to Plant 5pcs Cherry Blossoms Bonsai Seeds
1. Start planting one month before the last frost date in your area.
2. Select a container with adequate drainage holes.
3. Fill the container with well-drained potting soil.
4. Place the seeds into the soil and lightly cover them by gently patting the soil down.
5. Water the soil lightly and watch for sprouts in 6-10 days.
6. Once germinated, place them in a sunny and well-ventilated location.
7. Do not let the soil dry out.
8. Harvest fully grown flowers when in full bloom.

Bring the beauty of a cherry blossom tree to your garden with this 5-pack of bonsai seeds. With no risk of deer or pest damage and an easy-to-grow difficulty, these seeds will bring life and color into your home. Start your bonsai journey and grow your own blossoms today!

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