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5pcs Adenium Obesum Bonsai Seeds Desert Rose

Discover the beauty of nature with our 5pcs Adenium Obesum Bonsai Seeds Desert Rose! These unique bonsai seeds make a fantastic way to add a little extra life to your garden. They grow up to 10cm tall with vibrant red and yellow flowers that blossom for several weeks. Each desert rose plant is easy to care for and can survive in different climates especially in tropics. The seeds look like small brown buttons and will reward you with drought-resistant blooms in the spring. Plant your 5pcs Adenium Bonsai Seeds to enjoy these desert roses so special!

Product Features & Benefits
• Adenium Obesum Bonsai Seeds: Create fantastic bonsai plants to add life to your garden
• Stunning Flowers: Vibrant red and yellow flowers that blossom for several weeks
• Easy to Care: Perfect for both beginner and experienced gardeners it survives in different climates
• Plant in Tropics: Thrives best in warm and humid climates, making it ideal for many gardens
• Brown Buttons: Unusual Seeds look like small buttons
• Drought-resistant Blooms: Enjoy beautiful desert roses in the spring.

Latin Name: Adenium Obesum
Growth Season: Warm
Germination Rate: 95%
Plant Size: 10cm
Time to Maturity: 6 months
Soil Type: Lightweight, well-draining soil
Watering: Best in dry, moist, and well drained soil
Sunlight: Needs a lot of natural light and occasional shade
Uses: Ornamental Plants
Deer Resistance: Highly resistant
Pest and Disease Resistance: Highly resistant

How to Plant 5pcs Adenium Bonsai Seeds
1. Collect potting soil – Choose a lightweight, well-draining soil mixture.
2. Prepare pot – Using a small pot with drainage.
3. Plant the seeds – Place the 5pcs Adenium Bonsai seeds in the potting.
4. Cover the seeds – Lightly cover with a thin layer of soil.
5. Give light – Give full sun or partial shade and keep the soil moist until the plants emerge.
6. Add water – Once the plants emerge, water lightly but frequently to maintain moist soil.
7. Fertilize – When plants are larger, you can add fertilizer to help them grow.

Create a stunning showcase of vivid colors and unique blooms with our 5pcs Adenium Obesum Bonsai Seeds Desert Rose. Plant them to grow drought-resistant blooms in the spring and enjoy a luxurious bonsai garden. Easy to care for and a great choice for beginners, add these unusual seeds in your collection today and give life to your garden with a beautiful tropical oasis!

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