50pcs Chinese Star Anise Seeds


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50pcs Chinese Star Anise for Cooking

Transform your cooking with the spicy, unique flavor of 50pcs Chinese Star Anise. Our plant is hand-selected and Garden-certified, ready to bring its distinct aroma and taste to your flavorful dishes.

These 50pcs Chinese Star Anise Seeds bring a deep flavor to your dishes, similar to tarragon and licorice. Native to China, these Anise Seeds are specially grown for their culinary excellence, giving your recipes something truly unique. Gardener-certified to be a perfect addition to your collection, these Anise Seeds are sure to bring variety and great flavors to your cooking.

Product Specifics:

• Product Type: Bonsai
• Size: Small, mini, medium
• Climate: Temperate
• Classification: Happy Farm
• Style: Perennial
• Type: Landscape Plant
• Full-bloom Period: Summer
• Flowerpot: Excluded
• Applicable Constellation: Cancer
• Use: Outdoor Plants
• Function: Interest
• Location: Courtyard
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Model Number: Potted Plant
• Variety: Anise
• Product: Bonsai Plant
• Type: Plant

From easy to grow to easy to harvest, 50pcs Chinese Star Anise are an effortless choice for cultivating in your own garden. With the taste of star anise, these seeds are sure to make your and your family’s favorite cuisines even more delicious!

Product Specifics:
• Latin Name: Illicium verum
• Planting Season: Spring
• Germination Rate: 99%
• Grown Plant Size: 30-40 cm
• Time to Maturity: 3-4 Months
• Soil type: Well-drained and Loam
• Watering: 1-2 Times/Week
• Sunlight: Full Sun
• Uses: Spice and Flavoring Agent
• Deer Resistance: Moderate
• Pest and Disease Resistance: High

How to Plant 50pcs Chinese Star Anise Seeds
1. Prepare your planting container with good quality, well-drained potting mix.
2. Soak the seeds of Chinese Star Anise for 12-24 hours in lukewarm water.
3. Sow the Chinese Star Anise seeds thinly in the potting mix, ensuring they’re at least 2 inches (5 cm) apart from each other.
4. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of potting mix and lightly press down.
5. Water the container with lukewarm water and cover it or place it in a warm spot to maintain a consistent temperature.
6. As the seedlings sprout, keep the soil evenly moist and exposed to bright indirect light.
7. Once Chinese Star Anise seedlings are a few inches high, transplant them into larger containers with similar soil and care.

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Climate: No selection


Classification: No selection

Happy Farm

Style: No selection


Type: No selection


Full-bloom Period: No selection


Flowerpot: No selection


Applicable Constellation: No selection


Use: No selection

Outdoor Plants

Function: No selection


Location: No selection


Cultivating Difficulty Degree: No selection

Very Easy

Model Number: No selection

Potted Plant

Variety: No selection


Product: No selection

Bonsai Plant