50pcs Bonsai Lemon Tree Fruit Seeds


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50pcs Bonsai Lemon Tree Fruit Seeds High Survival Rate

Create a citrus oasis with this 50pcs Bonsai Lemon Tree Fruit Seeds. Our high survival rate seeds make it easy for you to grow your own unique and delicious lemon tree to fit any backyard or container garden. Enjoy the aroma of a ripe lemon while taking in the beauty of an evergreen, gently cascading tree.

These bonsai lemon tree seeds are the perfect addition to any home garden where you can control the growing environment to produce the ripest, most intense citrus fruit. With minimal effort, you will be able to enjoy your attractive lemon tree while garnishing recipes with the freshest lemons in no time. By protecting against common pests and disease, these lemon tree seeds guarantee a higher success rate than traditional planting.

Our 50pcs Bonsai Lemon Tree Fruit Seeds includes all of the following:
• Product Type: Bonsai
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Flowerpot: Excluded
• Type: Landscape Plant
• Applicable Constellation: Sagittarius
• Classification: Canned Plant
• Style: Perennial
• Location: Courtyard
• Climate: Subtropics
• Use: Outdoor Plants
• Full-bloom Period: None
• Variety: Lemon
• Function: Mosquito Repelling

Whether you’re an experienced gardener looking to expand your growing selection or a beginner looking for an easy-to-grow tree, these 50pcs Bonsai Lemon Tree Fruit Seeds are the perfect choice. With a high survival rate due to their protective quality, they are sure to be a success in your home garden this year.

How to Plant 50pcs Bonsai Lemon Tree Fruit Seeds:
• Choose a sunny area for planting and clear away any weeds or large stones.
• Dig a shallow hole about the size of the bonsai root zone.
• Place your 50pcs Bonsai Lemon Tree Fruit Seeds in the hole, and lightly cover them with soil.
• Water regularly, but allow the soil to dry out in between.
• Fertilize your soil according to the package instructions when the tree starts to grow.
• Trim and shape your lemon tree as needed, eventual reaching desired height and shape.
• Enjoy your unique citrus oasis!

Additional information

Product Type


Cultivating Difficulty Degree

Very Easy




Landscape Plant

Applicable Constellation



Canned Plant








Outdoor Plants

Full-bloom Period





Mosquito Repelling