50 Pcs Bamboo Bambusa Moso Seeds Black Purple


50 Pcs Bamboo Bambusa Moso Seeds Black Purple - 1
50 Pcs Bamboo Bambusa Moso Seeds Black Purple $13.99
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50 Pcs Timor Bamboo Bambusa Moso Seeds BlackPurpleColorful

Enliven your outdoor space with the stunning 50 Pcs Bamboo Bambusa Moso Seeds Black Purple! You’ll be amazed by the vibrant purple and black colors of the Timor Bamboo Bambusa Moso, perfect for adding a unique flair to your home, garden, and outdoor area. This versatile bonsai will grow quickly and easily, perfect for the beginner or novice gardener. Each 50 Bamboo Bambusa Moso Seeds packet comes packaged in an airtight container, ensuring each seed is kept safe and in optimal condition until sowing.

This vibrant bonsai will turn any space into a beautiful cozy spot. Despite its user-friendliness, its appearance will bring a touch of the exotic to your outdoor decor. With its lush green foliage, delicate curves and its air purifying properties, this Timor Bamboo Bambusa Moso will become a timeless addition to your garden.

Product Specifications:
– Latin Name: Bambusa Purpurascens
– Planting Season: Spring
– Germination Rate: 90%
– Grown Plant Size: Mini, Medium, Large
– Time to Maturity: 8-10 Years
– Soil Type: Sandy Loam Soil
– Watering: Moderate Water
– Sunlight: Full Sun or Partial Shade
– Uses: Ornamental, Privacy Screen, Noise Barrier
– Deer Resistance: Yes
– Pest and Disease Resistance: Yes

How to Plant 50 Pcs Bamboo Bambusa Moso Seeds:
1. Choose a planting site with moist, sandy loam soil and plenty of sun.
2. Prepare the soil up to two feet deep and ensure it is loose and well drained.
3. Sow the seeds at a depth of two inches.
4. Water well and ensure the soil is moist during germination.
5. When the seedlings are large enough, thin the overcrowded plants to a space of 12-18 inches apart.
6. Fertilize regularly and water thoroughly.
7. Prune and trim as needed to ensure the desired shape of your Timor Bamboo Bambusa Moso.

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