40pcs Climbing Jasmine Seeds Perennial Fragrance


40pcs Climbing Jasmine Seeds Perennial Fragrance - 1
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40pcs Climbing Jasmine Bonsai Perennial Seeds Amazing Smell

Discover the incredible fragrance of Climbing Jasmine with our 40pcs Perennial Fragrance Seeds. Our Climbing Jasmine Seeds will allow you to enjoy the heavenly scent and delightful presence of this perennial flower in your garden or home. These easy-to-grow seeds produce fragile, yellow-white blooms that boast an enchanting aroma. And what’s more, the Climbing Jasmine Bonsai Perennial Seeds are resistant to both deer and pests, making it an ideal planting choice for your outdoor areas.

Whether you’re a keen gardener or an amateur, this Climbing Jasmine Seeds is one of the easiest and most rewarding plants you can grow. Plant in the Summer, in either full or partial sunlight and the Climbing Jasmine will require very little upkeep once planted. With its low water requirements and humidity tolerance, these beauteous perennials are the perfect choice for home and garden projects.

Benefits of Climbing Jasmine Bonsai Perennial Seeds:
• Easy to grow
• Delicate blooms
• Amazingly fragrant
• Low water requirements
• Humidity tolerant
• Deer and pest resistant

Product Details:
• Latin name: Jasminum
• Planting season: Summer
• Germination rate: Very high
• Size of Grown Plant: 60-150 cm
• Time to maturity: 120-150 Days
• Soil Type: Sandy Loam
• Watering: Moderate
• Sunlight: Full/Partial
• Uses: Landscaping, Courtyard
• Deer Resistance: Yes
• Pest/Disease Resistance: Yes

How to Plant 40pcs Climbing Jasmine Seeds Perennial Fragrance:
1. Fill a container with potting soil.
2. Spread the Climbing Jasmine Seeds evenly across the soil.
3. Cover lightly with potting soil.
4. Water very lightly, using a gentle spray.
5. Place container in a warm, sunny room.
6. Keep soil moist and warm.
7. Once the seedlings emerge, transplant individually into individual pots.
8. Place the young jasmine in the garden or balcony.
9. Water according to soil conditions, and fertilize once a month.

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