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30pcs Red Seedless Watermelon Seeds for Growing

Introducing our fresh new 30pcs Red Watermelon Seeds perfect for growing in your garden! These impressive red seedless watermelons will make any occasion extra sweet and special. Packed full of flavor, nutrition, and color, they’re the perfect addition to garden beds, balconies and patios. Our non-GMO, sustainable, and pesticide-free seeds are sourced from a trusted supplier and boast an impressively high germination rate of 85%.

Ready to experience the juiciest watermelons? Here’s what you’ll get:

• Model Number: 001
• Style: Annual
• Climate: Temperate
• Applicable Constellation: Aquarius
• Size: Mini
• Function: Interest
• Location: Courtyard
• Flowerpot: Excluded
• Full-bloom Period: Summer
• Classification: Mini Garden
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
• Use: Outdoor Plants
• Product Type: Bonsai
• Type: Vegetable Seed
• Variety: Vegetable

Follow our simple steps to grow your coveted 30pcs Red Watermelon Seeds.

• Choose a sunny spot and prepare your soil by tilling and aerating and adding organic compost.
• Sow the seeds at least 5–7cm deep and space them at 20–30 cm apart.
• Keep the soil consistently moist, watering often to prevent overly drying out.
• When your seedlings have several leaves, thin out any overcrowding by carefully removing extra plants.
• Keep your seedlings free from pests and disease by using natural and organic methods.
• Harvest your watermelons when they have a deep red color and a firm flesh.

How to Plant 30pcs Red Watermelon Seeds
1. Begin by selecting a sunny spot in your garden.
2. Prepare your soil by tilling and aerating and adding organic compost.
3. Sow the seeds at least 5–7 cm deep and space them at 20–30cm apart.
4. Place your watermelons in an area with full sun, away from drafts and strong winds.
5. Water often and keep the soil consistently moist.
6. Thin out any overcrowding as your seedlings establish.
7. Keep your seedlings free from pests and disease and watch for any symptoms of disease.
8. Harvest your watermelons when they have a deep red color and a firm flesh.

With an impressive Germination Rate of 85%, these conveniently pre-packaged 30pcs Red Watermelon Seeds will help create your own mini garden! Easy to grow and delicious, these seedless red watermelons will add flavor to salads, ice creams, desserts, and smoothies, while providing a plethora of nutritional benefits. Plant them today and enjoy the juicy rewards when they are ready to be enjoyed in no time.

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Model Number






Applicable Constellation










Full-bloom Period



Mini Garden

Cultivating Difficulty Degree

Very Easy


Outdoor Plants

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Vegetable Seed