24 Color Begonia Seed 50pcs


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50pcs Coleus Begonia Seeds 24 Vibrant Colors

Bring your garden to life with the 24 Color Begonia Seed 50pcs! Containing Coleus Begonia Seeds in 24 vibrant colors, this collection is a sight for sore eyes and perfect for your outdoor oasis. Known for its color-changing properties, begonia has long been a popular choice for home decorations. It is suitable for sowing in pots, containers, and garden beds and our seeds are tested to guarantee high-germination rates which get you growing quickly and easily.

Create a beautiful mix of tender leaves in all shades of green, yellow, red, and purple for an eye-catching show garden. Enjoy bountiful blooms that are resistant to frost and disease for a longer lasting and healthier display that can be used in home decoration, or outdoors to attract butterflies and birds. This mix of 24 colors provides easy-to-sow, and easy-to-manage beauty for even the most beginner in gardening.


– 24 colors of Coleus Begonia Seeds to bring a kaleidoscope of vivid colors to your garden or home
– Tested to have high-germination rates for quicker, easier growing
– Grows in pots, containers, and garden beds
– Resistant to frosts and diseases
– Good for home decoration and attracting butterflies and birds

Product Details:

– Latin Name: Begonia X Hybrida
– Planting Season: Spring – Summer
– Germination Rate: 80-90%
– Grown Plant Size: 10cm
– Time to Maturity: 6-8 Weeks
– Soil Type: Well draining soil
– Watering: Enough water
– Sunlight: Partial Shade
– Uses: Decoration
– Deer Resistance: Unknown
– Pest and Disease Resistance: Unknown

How To Plant 24 Color Begonia Seed 50pcs:

1. Prepare seed starting trays with well-draining soil.
2. Spread the Begonia seeds evenly over the surface.
3. Cover the seeds lightly with a thin layer of compost.
4. Moisten the soil and place the trays in a warm, bright spot.
5. Provide enough water, but be careful not to over-water.
6. Seedlings should begin to sprout in just a few days. Keep the trays in a warm spot and keep the soil moist.
7. Transplant the seedlings to individual pots once secure roots have formed and the seedlings look healthy.
8. Gradually introduce the plants to the outdoor environment.

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