20pcs Succulent Ball Seeds Mix


20pcs Succulent Ball Seeds Mix - 1
20pcs Succulent Ball Seeds Mix $14.99
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20pcs Assorted Succulent Plant Seeds

Create a lush oasis in your garden or balcony with the Assorted Succulent Plant Seeds set. This 20pcs set includes a mix of different succulent seeds to create a beautiful, low-maintenance garden. It’s the perfect way to bring a bit of nature back into your life.

This set is perfect for the beginner gardener, with a Cultivating Difficulty Degree of “Very Easy”. You’ll get a variety of mini succulents to add beauty to your outdoor space with minimal effort. Cultivating these plants is easy with the right tips and tools.

This Set includes:

• 20pcs assorted succulent plant seeds
• Seeds are of the varieties Flower, Herbs, and Novel Plant
• Suitable for balcony and outdoor use
• Very easy difficulty degree of cultivation
• Mini size for balanced growth

Detailed Description:
• Latin Name: N/A
• Planting Season: Any
• Germination Rate: High
• Grown Plant Size: Mini
• Time to Maturity: 1-3 Months
• Soil type: Well Drained
• Watering: Minimal
• Sunlight: Partial Shade
• Uses: Ornamental
• Deer Resistant: Yes
• Pest & Disease Resistant: Yes

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How to Plant 20pcs Succulent Ball Seeds Mix:
1. Gather your supplies: potting soil, pot or planter, and the 20pcs Succulent Ball Seeds Mix.
2. Add potting soil to the pot or planter and level off surface.
3. Plant seeds in the soil to the depth recommended on the package.
4. Water lightly and often.
5. Place in a partially shaded area.
6. Monitor regularly for growth and water as needed.
7. Enjoy the beautiful succulent garden you’ve created.

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Very Easy

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Novel Plant

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Outdoor Plants

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