200Pcs Mangosteen Seeds Grow Your Own


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200Pcs Mangosteen Fruit Seeds

With a pack of 200Pcs Mangosteen Fruit Seeds, you can grow your own fruits and bring an exotic and of course delicious addition to your garden. Often referred to as the queen of tropical fruit, mangosteen is juicy, sweet, and fragrant, and is legendary for its wide range of health benefits.

Garcinia Mangostana is an evergreen shrub native to South East Asia. It is a perennial tree that grows up to 50 feet tall, with dark shiny leaves providing the perfect background for its fragrant, white orchid-like flowers. The deep purple fruits are globose in shape, and contain a flavoured and juicy white flesh.

These 200Pcs Mangosteen Fruit Seeds include a great variety of the Garcinia Mangostana species, a tropical perennial from the genus Helmi, with a classification of Happy Farm. Apart from its great taste, mangosteen is amazing for its nutritive value and range of uses. Perfect for the outdoors, this attractive landscape plant is highly resistant to pests but needs to be taken care of properly with attention to the right location, soil type, watering, sunlight and so on.

Product Details:
• Latin name: Garcinia Mangostana
• Planting Season: Spring
• Germination Rate: 90%
• Grown Plant Size: Up to 50 feet
• Time To Maturity: 3-8 years
• Soil Type: Calcareous, Rich, Loamy
• Watering: Occasional
• Sunlight: Partial Shade
• Uses: Intensely flavoured tropical fruits; Health matters
• Deer Resistance: Yes
• Pest & Disease Resistance: Yes

Instructions on How to Plant 200Pcs Mangosteen Seeds Grow Your Own
1. Select a spot in the garden with partial shade and rich, moist soil.
2. Dig a hole about 6 to 8 inches deep with 1 foot diameter.
3. Sprinkle the seeds evenly over the surface of the hole and cover them with soil.
4. Water the seeds completely after planting and keep the soil moist.
5. Give your mangosteen plant enough space to grow, and keep the soil well fertilized.
6. Prune your tree regularly for healthy growth.
7. After 2-3 years your tree will bear flowers, and in around 4-6 years you should see the fruit!

Additional information

Product Type





Happy Farm

Model Number

Garcinia Mangostana




Landscape Plant

Full-bloom Period





Outdoor Plants







Applicable Constellation


Cultivating Difficulty Degree

Very Easy


Garcinia Mangostana

11 reviews for 200Pcs Mangosteen Seeds Grow Your Own

  1. Hulda

    Average growth.

  2. Farah

    Decent product. Growing process is a bit challenging and lengthy. Patience is key. A fun experiment for gardening enthusiasts.

  3. Tommy

    these mangosteen seeds are amazing! they germinated quickly and are thriving. cant wait to taste my own homegrown mangosteens. an excellent buy for anyone with green fingers. five stars without a doubt!

  4. Jonell

    Great seeds Grew well Custumer support was super helpful Recomend for garden lovers

  5. Domenic

    Seeds arrived late germination proved difficult more detailed growing instructions could improve this product

  6. Estell

    Absolutely thrilled with these Mangosteen seeds! They sprouted quickly and are growing well. Cant wait for my very own fruit harvest. Perfect for green thumbs wanting to try something exotic. Highly recommended!

  7. Raymon

    These mangosteen seeds sprouted beautifully. a great way to start your own mini tropical garden. satisfied with the quantity and quality. highly recommended!

  8. Sana

    Great product! Mangosteen seeds arrived super quik, well-packeged. Cant wait to start growing my own. 5 stars from me!

  9. Garnet

    Decent product, but germination rate is low. Growing instructions could be clearer.

  10. Dovie

    These mangosteen seeds are wonderful! they germinated quickly and are growing beautifully. its a joy to witness my own mangosteen tree coming to life! highly recommended.

  11. Sandee

    These Mangosteen seeds are phenomenal! Im incredibly impressed with their high germination rate. Plus, the customer support is top-notch, they were so helpful and responsive to all my gardening queries. Highly recommended!

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