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200pcs Black Rice with Anthocyanin Antioxidants

Introducing 200pcs Black Rice Antioxidants – the latest innovation for healthy gardens and interesting outdoor plants! This type of rice is an aquatic plant that has the power to feature a ravishing summer bloom. The bonsai is very easy to cultivate, and unlike other complicated plants, it’s a rare variety of non-invasive plant, making it the perfect addition for indoor and courtyard gardens.

The incredible black rice seeds are not only beautiful – they also contain powerful anthocyanin antioxidants that will help improve vigor and longevity. With its pleasant aromas, a perfect size for small gardens and easy care – these 200 pieces of seeds bring an exceptional combination of health benefits and elegance to any garden.

200pcs Black Rice Antioxidants features:
– Highly beneficial anthocyanin antioxidants
– Non-invasive variety with ravishing summer bloom
– Very easy to cultivate, perfect for indoor and courtyard gardens
– Pleasant aromas
– Perfect size for small gardens

Product Details:
– Latin Name: Oryza sativa
– Planting season: April-May
– Germination rate: 95%
– Grown plant size: 55-70 cm
– Time to maturity: 90-100 days
– Soil Type:Loam
– Watering:Evenly watered
– Sunlight: Half sunlight
– Uses:Healthy cuisine ideas
– Deer resistant: Yes
– Pest and disease resistance: High

Ready to try Black Rice Antioxidants? Here’s how to plant the seeds:
1. Choose a planting area or container for your Black Rice seeds.
2. Prepare your soil by adding humus and rake the soil surface to make it even.
3. Place the seeds to a depth of about 1 cm and water your planting area well.
4. After sowing, cover the seed lightly with soil and keep the area moist.
5. When the seedlings have 3 true leaves, thin them to ensure that the plants receive sufficient light and room.
6. After a few weeks, add some fertilizer to your garden to make your plants even healthier.

Experience the beauty and health benefits of black rice with 200pcs Black Rice Antioxidants! This aquatic variety is an excellent solution for those looking to improve their garden vigor and longevity while creating an interesting outdoor design. Give your garden a unique touch and order your 200pcs Black Rice Antioxidants today!

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Outdoor Plants

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