200 Pcs Tulip Ice Cream Seeds


200 Pcs Tulip Ice Cream Seeds - 1
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200 Pcs Exotic TulipFlavored Hydroponic Ice Cream Seeds

Create a delightful seasonal treat with these Exotic Tulip Ice Cream Seeds! Grown indoors or outside in a hydroponic system, these seeds will provide lush green foliage and tulips with a unique flavor that blooms within weeks. These seeds are easy to plant, and even easier to care for- minimum effort, maximum pleasure.

These plants make a great addition to window boxes, containers, balconies, patios, and more. With a flowering season that lasts from spring to summer, you will enjoy these sweet treats for months.

These Tulip Ice Cream Seeds are not your regular tulips, but instead they are full of exotic flavors and colors. The Latin name is Tulip Bonsai, while the blooming period is usually spring time. Enjoy the light, fresh aroma of these hydroponic plants of all sizes – from mini to large. Plus, they have a high germination rate no matter the soil type.


• Easy to Plant & Care For
• Unique Flavors & Colours
• High Germination Rate
• Blooming Period of Spring to Summer
• All Plant Sizes from Mini to Large

How to Plant 200 Pcs Tulip Ice Cream Seeds:

1. Prepare a suitable pot or hydroponic system with the proper soil for growing.
2. Make sure the space is well lit with the right amount of sunlight.
3. Plant 2-3 seeds together and cover lightly with soil.
4. Water regularly and wait for the plants to germinate.
5. When the plants are ready, give them more room to grow and enjoy the fresh aroma of these unique tulips!

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