200 Pcs Rainbow Rose Seeds


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200 Pcs Rainbow Rose Perennial Seeds 24 Varieties

Are you looking for rainbow colored roses that are sure to bring life and joy into your garden? Look no further, our 200 Pcs Rainbow Rose Perennial Seeds with 24 varieties offer you high quality, beautiful blooms.

These flowers do not only come in beautiful rainbow colors, they are also very easy to grow and suitable for all climates. With these seeds you can create an eye-catching garden full of life and color. Our flower seeds are of the highest quality, with a germination rate of up to 97%, so they give your flowers the best start.

The 24 varieties of Rainbow Rose Perennial Seeds from our shop include:

• White Wave,
• Red Knight,
• Pink Turtle,
• Purple Rain,
• and peach Smash.

These are great for planting in the spring and are perfect for courtyards, terraces, balconies, and even rockeries. They require full sun to partial shade and medium moisture for growth, and need a well-drained soil. Moreover, they are pest and disease resistant, deer resistant, and have great uses as both ornamental and medical plants.

Our Rainbow Rose Perennial Seeds come in 200 pieces with each one comes with its own Latin name, planting season, grown plant size, time to maturity, soil type, watering, and sunlight information.

Follow these steps for how to plant your Rainbow Rose Perennial Seed:
• Start by soaking the seeds overnight.
• After, fill a seed tray with soil mix and lightly press it down
• Place the seeds into the tray while leaving some room between them
• Gently cover the seeds with 1/8th inch of soil.
• Water the surface lightly and keep it moist until the plants start to sprout.
• Once the initial sprouting process has happened, move the seedlings to separate container and, when of age, move them to a designated outdoor space.

Make sure that you keep the seedlings moist, but not soggy, because this can cause your plants to contract fungal diseases. With our 200 Pcs Rainbow Rose Perennial Seeds 24 Varieties, you can be sure to create a beautiful garden with great visual sensation and effects. Get yours today!

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