10pcs Water Lily Seeds Grow


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10pcs Water Lily Seeds Decorate Your Pond

Transform your outdoor pond into a beautiful living oasis with these 10pcs Water Lily Seeds Grow! These colorful aquatic plants are surprisingly easy to grow from seed, boasting stunning large multi-petal flowers with a variety of colors including white, pink, yellow, and burgundy. The petals can be streaked with dramatic highlights or mottled with deeper pigments for added visual impact and texture.

These Water Lily Seeds Grow are a hardy selection that offers excellent resilience to pests, diseases and moisture conditions. Varieties include lotus, annual, and bonsai. Each miniature flower is also highly resistant to deer, making the perfect addition to your outdoor sanctuary. Plant in the spring for a season full of gorgeous blooms and vibrant foliage!

With this selection, you’re sure to add a splash of beauty and color to any pond or garden. Create a stunning outdoor water feature that is sure to impress with these gorgeous 10pcs Water Lily Seeds Grow, and reap the rewards of success as they mature and bloom in the early fall.

Product Description:
• Variety: Lotus, annual, and bonsai
• Climate: Temperate
• Size: Mini, small, medium, large
• Use: Outdoor plants
• Full-bloom Period: Autumn
• Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very easy
• Flowerpot: Excluded

How to Plant 10pcs Water Lily Seeds Grow:
Step 1: Select a spot in a pond or water feature with 4-8 inches of water.
Step 2: Roll the seeds into small balls and evenly disperse them across the surface of the water.
Step 3: Place a thin layer of soil atop the water.
Step 4: Keep the soil moist, preferably with water from the pond.
Step 5: Allow the seeds to take root, and then enjoy the beautiful blooms in the early fall.

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Novel Plant

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Very Easy

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Outdoor Plants

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