10pcs Red Oak Acorns Seeds


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10pcs American Red Oak Acorns Quercus Alba Bonsai Seeds

Adorn your garden with a timeless look! The 10pcs American Red Oak (Quercus Alba) Acorns Bonsai Seeds set is perfect for providing a tree with exquisite color. The acorns are famous for their incredible beauty, bringing an aristocratic atmosphere to any garden or courtyard. Every set contains 10 acorns of premium quality to be planted easily to create the perfect tree.

The red oak acorns are fast-growing, providing you with a lush garden in absolutely no time. Being a pest and deer-resistant tree, you can be sure that it’ll last in any area. Planting is easy due to its low difficulty degree, perfect to even start your first bonsai experience.

Here are the product specifics about the 10pcs American Red Oak Acorns Bonsai Seeds:

• Latin Name: Quercus Alba
• Planting Time: Best from May to June
• High Germination Rate
• Grown Plant Size: 20–30 m
• Time to Maturity: 3–6 years depending on the condition
• Soil Type: Suits clay and cold soils
• Watering: Watering as necessary
• Sunlight: Full sunlight/part shade
• Uses: Popular ingredients for salads, soups, and stews
• Deer Resistant
• Pest and Disease Resistant

How to Plant 10pcs Red Oak Acorns Seeds:

1. Soak the seeds in water overnight before planting.
2. Prepare the soil in your garden or a pot. Keep it well-drained and add compost for nutrition.
3. Place the oak acorns in the soil, about 5 cm deep. Cover with soil.
4. Water the seeds regularly.
5. Monitor the soil to make sure it stays moist.
6. In a few weeks, the seedlings will start sprouting, and the oak trees will slowly grow.

Start to enjoy the beauty of owning a red oak right away with the 10pcs American Red Oak Acorns Bonsai Seeds set today!

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